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3D X-Ray Inspection System with additional optical Inspection

20 January 2014 - GOEPEL electronic enhanced its 3D X-ray inspection system OptiCon X-Line 3D with numerous new functionalities. By integration of a module for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), the system represents the world’s first so called “AXOI combinational system”. The term means that the OptiCon X-Line 3D system primarily inspects assemblies with x-ray, and only the inspection tasks impossible to execute with AXI are taken over by the integrated AOI module.

Hence, the system provides 100% solder joint inspection by means of 3D X-ray inspection, and subsequent AOI inspection tasks, such as polarity check, font reading, registration mark detection, colour detection etc.

“Unlike other vendors of combinational inspection systems that refer to ‘AOXI’, i.e. as much AOI as possible and as much AXI as necessary, we provide a solution that first carries out a safe, fast and IPC-near solder joint inspection, offering AOI as optional inspection method“, explains Andreas Türk, Team Manager AXI Systems within GOEPEL electronic. “Because X-ray inspection is of higher importance in our system, we refer to ‘AXOI’, which benefits in unrivalled inspection speed and detection safety of possible faults.”

In addition, the OptiCon X-Line 3D provides new functions in the system software XI-Pilot 3.1. Constant access to AXI and AOI image files facilitates inspection program generation. The superposition of AOI image data and topoVIEW x-ray image visualization simplifies the entrance to the world of X-ray and the interpretation of x-ray images.

Furthermore, the AXOI system provides flexible 2D and 3D image acquisition settings. Thereby, users can work with variable degrees of resolution between 6 µm, 12 µm, 18 µm and 24 µm, to perfectly adjust inspection to the assemblies’ requirements.

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