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Modular Breakout System for HILS Applications

Pickering MBOS13 November 2015 - Pickering Interfaces, in partnership with OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES, have designed a low-cost Modular Breakout System for HILS (Hardware In the Loop Simulation) Applications. The system combines a BoB (Breakout Box) feature set with added flexibility and an FIU (Fault Insertion Unit) chassis. By mating the FIU chassis directly to the BoB, cabling is minimized, creating a more compact reliable design and improving signal integrity.

All cables to the simulation system and the UUT (Unit Under Test) are located behind the front panel of the Modular Breakout System creating a simpler front panel that is less prone to damage.

As the modular design uses PXI, users can take advantage of our large range of FIU switch products. These FIU modules are available in different choices for channel count, fault busses, voltage and current. Multiple modules can be installed in a chassis.

In the coming months, Pickering and OPAL-RT will be rolling out a number of options for the Modular Breakout System.

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