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Test Solution supporting LTE-A 4x4 MIMO 2CCs Evaluation

Anritsu MT8821C08 April 2016 – Anritsu Corporation has strengthened the wireless test functions of the all-in-one Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C with the release of four new software packages for evaluating LTE-Advanced UE supporting downlink (DL) 4x4 MIMO and Downlink Carrier Aggregation (DL CA) 5CCs

The explosive increase in content-rich services, such as mobile video on demand, is driving deployment of the faster LTE-Advanced technology by network operators worldwide, which is made possible using key technologies such as Carrier Aggregation (CA), which aggregates several component carriers into one, and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), which uses multiple antennas for communications.

With the launch last year of the DL CA 4CCs measurement software for the all-in-one MT8821C, Anritsu was the first test and measurement company to support the valuation of LTE-Advanced DL 4CCs 2x2 MIMO UE. This latest software release further strengthens the functions of the popular MT8821C by adding the world’s first support for testing both LTE 4x4 MIMO DL UE now being released and LTE-Advanced DL CA 5CCs UE to be released in the near future.

The released software includes:

  • MX882112C-012 LTE FDD 4x4 MIMO DL
  • MX882113C-012 LTE TDD 4x4 MIMO DL
  • MX882112C-051 LTE-Advanced FDD DL CA 5CCs Measurement Software
  • MX882113C-051 LTE-Advanced TDD DL CA 5CCs Measurement Software

As well as expanding the MT8821C measurement functions, these latest software packages also strengthen the easy-to-use GUI with enhanced parameter search features, a Throughput graph display function and a full range of selectable audio codecs for VoLTE Echoback along with a Video Echoback function.

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