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Ethernet Live Monitor optimizes Error Analysis in Real Time

RUETZ ELM27 February 2018 – RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS presented the new Ethernet Live Monitor (ELM) for intelligent and efficient error analysis of data transports in automotive networks. The Live Monitor can easily be integrated in existing test systems or test vehicles for in-system diagnosis of AVB/TSN.

"The enormous amount of audio and video data (A/V) challenges data monitoring systems, with the result that loggers do not monitor permanently and thus only analyze audible and visible errors," explained Wolfgang Malek, General Manager and Co-Founder of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. "With the Ethernet Live Monitor, we close the gap and do complete, live monitoring of Ethernet traffic."

Once the Ethernet Live Monitor detects an irregularity it triggers the data logger, initiating the recording of relevant data. It is available in two versions. The Ethernet Live Monitor 1000BASE-T uses an external Ethernet TAP (Terminal Access Point) that timestamps the hardware-related packages. The Ethernet Live Monitor 100BASE-T1 has this TAP already implemented. For configuration and display, test engineers simply require a PC. The Live Monitor can easily be integrated in existing test systems or test vehicles for in-system diagnosis of AVB/TSN.

Live Testing with Intelligent Data Management

The Ethernet Live Monitor detects errors in the live stream by means of the various complex test algorithms. It then triggers the data logger in order to record the relevant data. It automatically identifies irregularities and non-audible and non-visible errors. In addition, it sends an error description to the data logger and stores it with the filed traces for subsequent, effective error analysis. During the following analysis, test engineers already know what issue and time stamp to look for. In addition, data loggers have to provide less storage space. The Ethernet Live Monitor scans data frames directly on the bus without influencing the original network.

Thus, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides intelligent data management: only truly relevant data is recorded and errors are reported to the corresponding log file. It contains more than 40 complex test algorithms for IEEE 802.1AS, 1722/1722a, which can be expanded by costumer-specific test algorithms. In addition, it offers low power input, a robust body, passive cooling, and EMC-proof aluminum housing. Consequently, it perfectly qualifies for vehicle testing. A separate offline analysis tool is also available.

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