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Boundary Scan Test Function for SPEA Flying Probe Tester

Goepel 4080 Scanflex17 May 2019 - Goepel electronics announced the availability of the SYSTEM CASCON integration for the SPEA Flying Probe system SPEA4080. This allows the current flagship of SPEA's Flying Probe series to be optimally extended with the capabilities of GOEPEL electronic's Embedded JTAG Solutions environment. Thus the user has access to all test functions, which he can execute directly on his SPEA4080 test system.

Real added value comes from the automatic generation of interactive tests that integrate the probes and instruments of the SPEA4080 Flying Prober into the Boundary Scan Test. In this process, all 8 moving probes are included and their routes are optimized using special sorting algorithms and taking access restrictions into account. The software platform SYSTEM CASCON then takes over the control of the test system and thus achieves a higher test coverage and test depth. The execution of the tests is completely embedded in the SPEA Leonardo software, which initiates the tests and also manages the results. Nothing changes in the familiar operating environment for the user.

A pre-configured hardware package matched with SPEA ensures problem-free expansion of existing test systems with this integration solution.

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