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Optomechatronics Test and Calibration System

Spea T10012 December 2019 - The T100 is a new system developed by SPEA for testing and calibrating of all kinds of electronic devices. In the past, optomechatronic tests required the construction of complex and product-specific test stations and test equipment or the use of operating personnel to perform the necessary tests manually. The new SPEA T100 offers a cost-effective and universal solution for a wide range of products.

When changing products, only the test program has to be changed or adapted and, if necessary, the tools (actuators) have to be changed.

The new tester is based on the SPEA Flying Probe technology, which means that for the drive linear motors are used on all axes (x, y, z). The accuracy is guaranteed by optical encoders. With freely movable actuators, the T100 calibrates and tests state-of-the-art microelectronics, micromechanics, microoptics, sensor and MEMS technology.

The tester is freely programmable and can be used for a wide variety of products. The main applications include for example front panels for household appliances, touch screens, LEDs, keyboards, switches and push buttons, as well as wearables and audio equipment. The SPEA T100 can be equipped with various tools for calibration, electrical, mechanical and optical testing. The system configuration can be quickly and easily adapted to different test requirements of different products. The system software is user-friendly and of course includes automatic test program generation.

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