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AOI System for PCB Bottom Sides

Viscom S301613 December 2019 – Viscom AG has a new system highlight in its product portfolio: The S3016 ultra, which is designed for automatic optical inspection on PCB bottom sides. The system sets itself apart by its user-friendly 3D capabilities, and is especially an advantage where through-hole technology is used in manufacturing. The new THT inspection solution celebrated its debut at the productronica 2019 in Munich.

The new 3D AOI system S3016 ultra is based on newly developed sensor technology that has been specially designed for fast inspection of SMD, THT and press-fit components on the bottom side of the PCB. Advanced 3D camera technology ensures extremely accurate inspection of THT solder joints and pin lengths. Practical examples are connectors in computer and telecommunications applications that require perfect solder joints for the best signal quality, or selective solder joints in high-power applications that need to be flawless, e.g., for the high currents of charging electric vehicles.

As a unique Viscom feature, eight angled views supplement the orthogonal view to further guarantee virtually shadow-free inspection and to yield excellent image quality in 3D with the S3016 ultra. Conclusive color images are available from all perspectives. The camera technology is supported by ultra-modern hardware and software, including a powerful frame grabber, which provides a significant advantage in image acquisition speed. In addition to measuring pins, highly advanced Viscom algorithms also enable fast detection of open solder joints, solder bridges, missing pins and other defects. A best-mix library allows an optimal combination of 3D, angled, and orthogonal inspection. Versatile illuminations can be tuned to the specific task. A decisive time advantage: previously captured images are evaluated at the same time an x/y unit moves the camera module beneath the printed circuit board to the next position.

Another advantage is the versatile handling. Assemblies can also be safely checked in workpiece carriers, and as a standard option a return transport of the manufactured objects can be integrated.

In line with Industry 4.0, the system is able to communicate comprehensively with other connected machines as well as the line monitoring and the manufacturing execution system. As a standard, the S3016 ultra is combinable with a Viscom verification station for classification of inspection results. For very reliable verification, individual components can be evaluated from freely selectable perspectives. The details are correctly textured and displayed in 3D with a virtually shadow-free, true-to-life accuracy.

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