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Protocol Exerciser/Analyzer for PCI Express 5.0

TLC PXP 500A19 June 2020 – Teledyne LeCroy announced the Summit Z58 PCI Express (PCIe) protocol exerciser/analyzer for testing PCIe 5.0 designs and products. The Summit Z58 exerciser/analyzer addresses the needs of PCIe developers by providing high performance 32 GT/s traffic generation on devices with link widths up to 8 lanes and protocol analysis featuring Teledyne LeCroy’s industry standard CATC Trace.

The Summit Z58 can be used for traffic generation and device/host emulation, as well for development of standardized compliance test suites. The Summit Z58 builds on the widely used Summit Z416 exerciser to insure interoperability of PCIe 5.0 products.

Protocol analyzers and exercisers are key tools to help driver and firmware developers understand serial data communication between their devices and systems. The Summit Z58 features a unified single application that incorporates traffic generation and protocol analysis. A protocol exerciser provides realistic traffic to devices under test and can also emulate complex host- or device-side traffic while the protocol analyzer acquires, records, decodes, analyzes and displays complex high-speed PCI Express I/O streams. Users will have access to analysis and reporting capabilities that are highly utilized in the PCIe industry. When analyzers and exercisers are used together developers can create powerful script level traffic and monitor the results of all tests. The Protocol Exerciser uses the new PXP-500A Test platform that feature both CEM and SFF-TA-1002 connectors to allow wider support of different PCI Express add-in-cards.

“Teledyne LeCroy continues to lead the industry in protocol test support for the PCI Express architecture, and our long engagement in the PCIe protocol tool market has allowed us to develop and provide the most useful solutions that help shorten development and testing,” said Michael Romm, General Manager, Protocol Solutions Group, Teledyne LeCroy. “Users who are moving to PCIe 5.0 with Teledyne LeCroy test solutions can appreciate the rich library of decodes and analysis capabilities that are available on all of Teledyne LeCroy’s PCIe test tools.”

The Summit Z58 PCIe 5.0 Protocol Exerciser/Analyzer is currently available to order.

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