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Optimized for Testing and Debugging of highly complex Multi-core Controllers

PLS UDE202125 January 2021 – A new intuitive user interface that allows even more efficient debugging of highly complex, next-generation multi-core systems is offered by UDE 2021, which PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme will be presenting at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL. For a significant improvement in automated testing, the code coverage functions have also been optimized and a Python console is implemented in the current version of the Universal Debug Engine (UDE).

To make analysis and debugging of applications running on microcontrollers and processors with an ever-increasing number of cores even more efficient, PLS is using a completely new layout framework in the UDE 2021. In contrast to the previous layout with fixed dock locations left, right, top and bottom and a central tab window in which windows were accessible via tabs, all windows in the debugger – which, for example, display the source code, internal states such as variables or registers, or also provide graphical visualizations – can now be arranged and grouped completely flexibly within the UDE user interface. If required, the user can create a new dock location at any time or add a window as a new tab to an existing dock location. In addition, dock locations can also be created outside the main UDE window to accommodate single or multiple UDE windows. This allows a very convenient multi-monitor operation.

In other ways, too, UDE 2021 literally offers its users completely new perspectives. Because Perspectives allow you to define multiple views within a debugger session and switch between them to focus on a specific debugging task. They are particularly useful for multi-core debugging, when the developer wants to analyze the behavior of, for example, a core in detail. Perspectives can be created freely and debugger windows can be placed and arranged in them without restriction.

The new UDE 2021 is now running on a full 64-bit code base. This means a significantly increased performance, especially when processing large amounts of data, as occurs during trace data analysis, for example. In addition, the UDE can now also be integrated as a plug-in in the latest 64-bit Eclipse versions.

For the high-end UAD3+ access device of the Universal Access Device (UAD) family, PLS will present a new high-speed Pod for serial trace at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL. This Pod can transmit trace data from latest-generation microcontrollers, such as NXP’s S32G automotive network processor, to UDE via highest-bandwidth serial trace interfaces. Target interfaces with up to eight lanes are supported and data rates of up to 12.5 Gbit/s per lane are achieved. Furthermore, the flexible adapter concept allows easy adaptation to connectors defined by semiconductor manufacturers. The data transfer between the Pod and the UAD3+ is done via a high-performance PCI-E connection. Up to 4 GB of memory are available in the UAD3+ to store the trace data captured on the target system.

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