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3D Selective Solder Joint Inspection

Goepel Kamerakopf24 March 2021 - A new GOEPEL electronic integration solution enables optical inspection of selective solder joints in 3D. The AOI module "Selective Line - 3D" combines 3D and 2D image acquisition technologies and can be integrated directly into the solder cell as well as into a downstream test cell. With the integration module, it is possible to test all relevant parameters of selective solder joints reproducibly and reliably with a combination of 3D and 2D inspection technologies.

The core component of the integration solution is a newly developed compact 3D measuring head that delivers precise 3D data of the assemblies to be inspected based on fringe projection. For 2D image acquisition, the measuring head also has a multispectral illumination unit that also offers angle-dependent illumination options. This intelligent combination of technologies makes it possible to generate 3D and 2D images with outstanding image quality.

The integration module is operated with the PILOT AOI software. First of all, the software module enables the entire control of the hardware components for image acquisition and illumination. Furthermore, all 3D and 2D inspection functions required for automatic inspection (such as wetting, solder quantity, pin length, short circuits and solder beads) or position correction mechanisms based on reference marks are part of this software. The intuitive user interface enables fast and uncomplicated creation of inspection programmes and their parameterisation.

Selective soldering is always used when only a few THT components need to be soldered on a PCB. Standard AOI systems are often unsuitable due to the often complex geometry of the test object, for example by integrating a PCB into a housing. This is where the AOI integration module Selective Line - 3D comes into play. The concrete equipment of the overall hardware and software package is modular and has standardised mechanical and electrical interfaces. This enables effective planning and implementation of the inspection solution. For the mechanical fixation of the camera and illumination head, defined specifications are made by GÖPEL electronic, taking into account the required component freedom. The placement of the other components such as PC, uninterruptible power supply and mini control cabinet in the test cell can be flexibly planned according to individual requirements.

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