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Inline X-ray System for Large Assemblies up to 1,600 mm

Viscom iX705914 April 2021 – The core function of the new compact 3D AXI system from Viscom is 3D inline inspection of large flat assemblies with high precision and speed. The particular sharpness of the layer images proves the extremely high inspection accuracy required to detect hidden solder joints and critical voids in surface soldering, especially for highly dense and complex boards. The state-of-the-art 3D X-ray technology of the Evolution 5 with integrated planar CT in combination with a new handling concept ensures best inspection results at highest cycle time requirements.

The new iX7059 PCB Inspection XL system from Viscom is perfectly suited for use in production lines that produce printed circuit boards, LEDs and also power semiconductors for e-mobility or high-voltage/direct-voltage transmission technology, where 100% quality assurance is essential. The new iX7059 generation 3D inline X-ray inspection ensures seamless, high-precision defect detection at the highest throughput for a targeted zero-defect strategy.

The iX7059 PCB Inspection XL has a powerful microfocus X-ray tube at its core that provides non-destructive, with high radiography and comprehensive inline inspection of thick, very densely and double-sided PCBs able to cope with hidden solder joints and massive shadowing effects. The sealed 130 kV X-ray tube, or a 160 kV X-ray tube which can be used as an option, is maintenance-free. Its capability range includes intelligent void measurement in terms of number, size and proportional area as well as a complete solder joint inspection of wired components, also for multi-layer boards – something which is very relevant for hybrid power modules, chip layers and substrate layers.

The flexible X-ray system makes it possible to achieve precisely customized inspection strategies in 2D, 2.5D and 3D with a resolution of 8.5 μm up to 25 μm. The new Evolution 5 image acquisition concept with its new T3 flat panel detector generation is used for high-precision and ultrafast 3D X-ray inspection. The 3D images – up to 120 images in approx. 5 seconds for one Field of View – are taken from a wide variety of views and with oblique beams during motion, optimizing inspection time even more. The combination with the extended planar computed tomography shows all significant features in slice images in great detail. This simplifies verification, reduces false alarms, saves costly rework and avoids product rejects.

The iX7059 PCB Inspection XL inline system with new handling design transports and detects PCBs – also on workpiece carriers – up to 15 kg and 660 x 1000 mm in size, optionally up to 1600 mm in length thanks to the Extended Longboard Option. The compact modern system design, 1493 mm x 1654 mm x 2207 mm (W x H x D) in size, allows inline or island installation with the smallest footprint.

Other highlights include automatic gray value calibration, barcode scanners (optional), M2M networking via Viscom Quality Uplink, and an MES interface tailored to customer requirements for complete traceability. The convenient system operation via the modern touch screen monitor and the simple, fast creation of inspection programs via the vVision or EasyPro operating software round off the system design.

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