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EVM Measurements with extreme Precision

RS FSW FrontEnd02 June 2022 - Rohde & Schwarz further improved the signal and spectrum analyzer R&S FSW with a new Enhanced Dynamic Front End. Error vector magnitude (EVM) is one of the main parameters to characterize the performance of a digital transmitter or receiver. The R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer has been the ideal instrument for high-end measurements requiring extreme precision. Its new front end continues the path of innovation with unrivaled EVM measurement accuracy for wideband modulated signals in the mmWave range.

This makes the solution ideal for testing any high-end communication component or systems, including 5G NR FR2 or IEEE 802.11ay / ad chipsets, amplifiers, user equipment and base stations.

EVM measurements are currently in high demand for 5G base station and component development at FR2 frequencies as well as for high frequency satellite applications. The latest enhancements to the modified front end of the R&S FSW, as well as the microwave hardware optimized for frequencies above 26 GHz, provide highest accuracy.

The R&S FSW has continuously evolved since its launch, and the solution has since been the signal and spectrum analyzer of choice for the most demanding measurements. With frequency, bandwidth, modulation, sensitivity, and streaming requirements becoming more demanding, Rohde & Schwarz has been developing the R&S FSW hardware and software over the years to meet and exceed the changing performance needs.

Featuring a wide internal analysis bandwidth which allows the characterization of wideband components and communications systems, the R&S FSW has also established its position at the forefront of 5G NR testing. Its measurement applications simplify and speed up in-depth analysis of the physical layer, allowing testing at higher frequencies and wider measurement bandwidths. Users can cover all the physical layer options specified in the standard with the best RF performance on the market.

With the new R&S FSW-B24U Enhanced Dynamic Front End (EDFE) upgrade of the R&S FSW, Rohde & Schwarz addresses the challenging requirements for EVM performance in the mmWave range. Newly produced R&S FSW43, R&S FSW50 and R&S FSW67 models now ship with the enhancements as standard. The R&S FSW-B24U can also be ordered as an upgrade to many R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzers already in use.

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