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Spea-4060-BPBackplane Flying Probe Tester

26 May 2011 – Spea introduced with the 4060 BP a Flying Probe Tester especially designed for testing backplanes and populated boards mounting any type of connectors. The test is fully automated, since the flying probes are able to directly contact the pins of the connectors, whose position is automatically acquired by the system.

The use of innovative test techniques makes the test fast yet exhaustive, through the simultaneous execution, on both sides of the boards, of complete test of continuity, insulation, presence and orientation of connectors and components, correct assembly and mechanical check of the contact pins.

The test of boards populated with connectors is fast on the 4060, since the system does not require any specific setup or the equipment of contacting units and adapters. The system automatically acquires the information about the height of the connector pins (up to 35 mm), then the flying probes directly contact the pins.

The double-sided probing allows the simultaneous execution of the test on both sides of the boards, saving on the test time while making the test completely automated, since there is no need to flip over the board to test the two sides.

Furthermore, the test time is optimized by a smart automatic test program generation: According to the threshold values set up for the insulation test, the system automatically selects the application of optimized techniques to make the test program execution faster without losing on the test coverage.

Unparalleled Speed and Accuracy

The 4060 BP is based on the same technology that makes SPEA’s flying probers the faster and most accurate on the market. Full linear motion, light-weight mechanics, real measuring linear encoders on each X-Y-Z axis with 0.012 μm resolution, guarantee high-speed axis movement along with an absolute accuracy in contacting the smallest targets.

The Soft Touch Technology ensures that components and connector pins are contacted with no damage due to the probing marks.

Flexible Board Loading, Large Test Area

The board loading on the 4060 BP can be either automated in line (through in-line integration, or with loaders/unloaders from rack), or manual, with no need of changeover operations.

The in-line mechanism allows the board loading of backplanes and boards of virtually any length, while the maximum width is 610 mm (24”).

The manual loading is highly ergonomic, and can be done directly into the test area or through a shuttle mechanism that brings the board to the test area.

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