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Multibus Controller supporting 10BASE-T1S

Goepel Serie6217 May 2024 - GÖPEL electronic extends its series 62 multibus controllers by 10BASE-T1S. The new solution will be presented at booth 10.1355 at Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2024 in Stuttgart from 04 to 06 June. The Series 62 multibus communication controllers are primarily used for residual bus simulations and for the test and programming of control units of varying complexity.

10BASE-T1S technology is currently being introduced in automotive electronics. As a specialist for multibus controllers and residual bus solutions, GÖPEL electronic will be demonstrating this implementation on the Series 62 controller. Multidrop topology with a bandwidth of 10 Mbit/s allows a large number of nodes to be connected to just a single twisted pair of wires. Therefore, 10BASE-T1S is in direct competition with established vehicle buses such as CAN, CAN FD, CAN XL, LIN, and FlexRay. The avoidance of collisions on the bus by means of PLCA (Physical Layer Collision Avoidance) arbitration specified in the 10BASE-T1S standard enables full utilization of the available bandwidth with reduced latency.

"This fact, in combination with the easy addition of nodes and the availability of the Ethernetsecurity mechanisms, make 10BASE-T1S an interesting approach for future vehicle communication networks” says Jens Münzberg, Head of Automotive Standard Product Development at GÖPEL electronic.

GÖPEL electronic takes this into account by supporting IEEE Std 802.3cg-2019, 10BASE-T1S, in the company’s Series 62 products. 10BASE-T1S is already available as an additional option on module variant 6281, which supports CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, and now also 10BASE-T1S. As with all GÖPEL electronic's multibus controllers, 6281 is available in three form factors: as a PCIe card (GPCIe6281), as a PXIe card (GPXIe6281), and as a stand-alone box (GCAR6281). 10BASE-T1S support will be introduced gradually for all other module variants of the 62 series by the end of this year.

In combination with the Net2Run software tool chain, there are additional and very high-performance simulation options for ECU communication. Net2Run, which is completely based on the AUTOSAR standard, allows the import of all common ECU description files, such as *.arxml, *.dbc, *.ldf, and FIBEX, while providing an intuitive GUI to support users in the configuration of respective residual bus simulations.

Also on display at the tradeshow will be Video Dragon, with the intuitive Dragon Suite software, as a modular solution for the test of camera and display applications. Video Dragon supports the current LVDS video transmission standards GMSL, FPD-Link, and APIX, including respective sideband protocols.

A multifunctional test cell, combining GÖPEL electronic's expertise in the area of LVDS test equipment, haptic test, acoustic analysis, robotics, and industrial image processing, demonstrates the fully automated test of infotainment applications.

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