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Pickering Interfaces expands Range of PCI Switching Solutions

22 April 2014 - Pickering Interface expands its range of PCI switching solutions with the introduction of seven new PCI cards and expansion of an eighth card. Expansion includes Programmable and Precision Resistors, General Purpose Relays, High-Density Matrices and Multiplexers.

“PCI is used extensively in budget conscious systems using industrial style chassis and low cost controllers,” commented Keith Moore, Managing Director at Pickering. “There remains a strong demand for the PCI format and Pickering is expanding its range of switching products to address those market opportunities. We are committed to supporting PCI based solutions in the same way we support PXI and LXI products.”

New PCI Programmable Resistor and Relay Card (model 50-293) – offers 2 or 4 programmable resistor channels with an option of 8-off SPDT relays that can be used for general purpose switching. Each programmable resistor can be programmed with resistance calls which set the resistance of the module to an accuracy of 1% ± resolution and an ability to read back the resistance setting to 0.3%. Depending on the version, the resolution is 0.25Ω to 2Ω and the resistance up to 131 kΩ.

Expanded PCI Precision Resistor Card (model 50-297) – this family of resistor cards has been expanded to increase the versions offered from 6 to 42; each version offers users the choice of the number of resistor channels, resistance range, and the resistance setting resolution. Depending on the version the resolution is from 0.125Ω to 2Ω and resistor counts from 3 to 18. Resistor values up to 1.51 MΩ can be simulated and accuracy is 0.2%±resolution.

New PCI General Purpose 2 Amp Relay Cards – two new models: Model 50-131 provides 16 or 26 SPDT relays and model 50-132 provides 16, 32 or 39 SPST relays each rated at 2 A and up to 60 W hot switch power.

New PCI 2Amp 1-Pole High-Density Matrix Solutions – three new models: Model 50-527 is a 32x2 1-pole matrix, model 50-528 offers 32x4 or 16x4 configurations and model 50-529 offers 16x8 and 8x8 configurations.

New PCI Low Cost EMR Multiplexer (MUX) System (model 50-635) – this new PCI multiplexer has a variety of different configurations ranging from a 64:1 single-pole MUX to a quad 8:1 two-pole MUX.

All these new PCI relay cards use high quality electro-mechanical relays (EMR) selected for long service life and repeatable performance. The cards all use standard D type connectors for which Pickering Interfaces also offers a wide range of connections solutions.

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