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Anritsu adds Tools to VNA Families for Signal Integrity Testing

Anritsu PAM424 May 2016 – Anritsu Corporation introduced new options for its VectorStar and ShockLine vector network analyzers (VNAs). The VectorStar Eye Diagram and ShockLine Advanced Time Domain (ATD) options are part of the expanding SI capabilities offered by Anritsu and provide SI engineers with improved tools to conduct channel diagnostics and model validation of high-speed digital circuit designs.

“As data rates continue to increase, signal channel characterization becomes increasingly challenging. The result is that VNAs are becoming more of a staple in signal integrity measurements, however, additional capabilities in processing and visualizing data are beneficial. For these reasons, more tools have been added to the VectorStar and Shockline VNA families that can help signal integrity engineers be more efficient in analyzing their designs,” said Dr. Jon Martens – Fellow at Anritsu.

The VectorStar and ShockLine VNA families provide complementary capabilities that enable SI engineers to meet their measurement needs across a wide range of applications. VectorStar is Anritsu’s highest performance VNA product line and is often used by SI engineers with the most challenging design requirements. For example, some designers want their test systems to be able to include up to the 5th harmonic of their system clock. VectorStar offers 2- and 4-port broadband configurations from 70 kHz to 70 GHz, 110 GHz and 145 GHz with a single coaxial connection, supporting the latest digital data rates, including 25/28 Gbps and 43 Gbps. Anritsu’s ShockLine VNA family also has excellent performance, but less capability at a lower price for less demanding SI applications. This makes ShockLine VNAs well suited for lower data rate systems or manufacturing applications.

SI Solutions

With the introduction of the VectorStar Eye Diagram and ShockLine ATD options, engineers now have a more complete set of tools to meet SI design and channel modeling requirements. Whether the application calls for the highest performance, full featured capability of the VectorStar VNAs or good performance at a lower price offered through the ShockLine family, Anritsu offers a wide range of solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s SI challenges.

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