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Arbitrary Function Generator Series with 16 Bit Resolution

Rigol DG800a26 November 2018 - RIGOL Technologies introduces the DG800 and DG900 Series of Arbitrary Function Generators. All models come standard with 16Bit Resolution, an intuitive touch display, a silent fan-less design and new advanced signal generation capabilities. These innovations provide RIGOL customers with unmatched signal generation performance at an unprecedented price point.

The DG800 Series is perfect for Educators, Hobbyists, and Engineers needing signal generation from 10-35MHz. With a starting price of just €199 the DG800 represents the most affordable 16Bit Generator on the market. But beyond 16Bit Resolution the DG800 delivers advanced capabilities never before seen in a basic generator. The DG800 allows users to combine cycles of different waveform types to generate complex test sequences. The DG800 allows the user to generate complex dual tone and harmonic signals useful for filter, noise, and RF Testing. In addition, integrated PBRS and RS232 generation make testing control and communications links easier than ever before.

The DG900 Series delivers all of the same powerful capabilities as the DG800 but with frequency ranges from 50MHz up to 100MHz. Starting at just €499 the DG900 is the perfect tool for Embedded, and IoT engineers needing a performance generator. The DG900 delivers significantly higher performance and capabilities at a dramatically lower cost than the Tektronix AFG3000 and other competitive options.

"RIGOL is very proud of our tradition of delivering low cost/high capability generators. Our legacy products have established RIGOL as a leader in low cost signal generation. The DG800 and DG900 continue that 20 year legacy of innovation and deliver amazing value to our customers," says Michael Rizzo, General Manager of RIGOL North America. "Priced from €199 to €899 these new generators provide unmatched capabilities and signal fidelity which will delight both the engineers and the accountants."

Both instruments have a 4.3" TFT color display and can be controlled with a next generation touch interface They are both cooled via a silent fan-less design. These attributes make the instrument simple to navigate, intuitive to learn, and help eliminate background noise from your lab or classroom environment.

These new generators are powered by RIGOL's enhanced SiFi II technology. The SiFi point-to-point sampling technology insures high fidelity arb generation with easy setup and adjustment. RIGOL has enhanced this capability by adding additional interpolation, step, and smooth filtering which allow users to modify waveform characteristics in both the time domain and frequency domain in ways that can be challenging in other point-to-point sampling solutions.

"The combination of 16Bit Resolution, exceptionally long ARB Depths, and the SiFi II technology gives engineers unmatched flexibility and signal fidelity when generating complex arbitrary signals" continues Michael Rizzo. "Not only are these instruments the most affordable 16Bit Generators on the market but their performance, signal fidelity, ease of use, and advanced generation capabilities make them the most capable as well."

The DG800 and DG900 are available and shipping now. The DG800 has 6 Models (10MHz w/1ch or 2ch, 25MHz w/1ch or 2ch, and 35MHz w/1ch or 2ch) starting at €199. The DG900 has 3models (50MHz, 70MHz, or 100MHz) all with two output channels starting at €499.

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