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Four new Insulated Alligator Test Clips

Caltest Aligator Clips17 November 2020 - Cal Test added four new insulated alligator clip models to its comprehensive Test Clip offering. All four models are fully insulated for the extra protection needed in high category environments. Rated to 1,000 V CAT III and 600 V CAT IV, the clips are in compliance with the IEC 61010-031 safety standards. They are RoHS 2 compliant and carry the European Union CE mark.

The new models are:

  • Large Insulated Alligator Clip with 4mm Sheathed Jack
  • Medium Insulated Alligator Clip with 4mm Sheathed Jack
  • Medium Insulated Alligator Clip with DIY Solder Connection
  • Medium Insulated Alligator Clip with 2mm Pin Jack

The large clip (CT4409 & CT4410) is rated to 20 A and offers a 4 mm sheathed jack for standard or sheathed banana plugs. The thumb actuator is ergonomically curved and boasts lined ridges for a sure grip. The slim beak jaw allows the clip to reach into those narrow spaces and with a 34 mm jaw opening, you’ll easily grab even the largest terminal. Once in place, the spring loaded, three-incisor mouth will hold securely to screw heads or flat headed objects.

The medium alligator clips (CT4415-CT4439) are rated to 10 A and offer three varying connect options:

  • 4 mm sheathed banana jack for sheathed or standard banana plugs
  • 2 mm pin jack for tip plugs or standard DMM probes
  • DIY solder connection for your choice of test lead wire

They feature a standard alligator clip body with each jaw-half fully insulated. The flexible insulated boot completely covers the remainder of the clip body allowing for CAT III/CAT IV safety ratings.

The DIY model (CT4433 & CT4434) allows users to build their own lead assemblies.

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