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Oscilloscope Family with 8 analog Channels and 7 integrated Applications

Keysight EXR Serie24 November 2020 - Keysight Technologies announced the new Infiniium 8-channel oscilloscope family. Powerful, intuitive to use and easy to own, the new Infiniium EXR-Series extends the power of Keysight's Infiniium MXR oscilloscope family to customers that want to buy through the company's global network of distributors. The Infiniium MXR-Series and EXR-Series feature multiple instruments integrated into a single platform for higher engineering productivity and ease-of-use. Both platforms offer advanced software applications and features that simplify debugging, power measurements and remote collaboration.

Designs are growing more complex, and the benchmark for professional mainstream bench debug and analysis continues to rise. The new Infiniium EXR-Series mixed signal oscilloscope (EXR-Series) is the professional engineer's ultimate tool for general purpose debug. The Infiniium-EXR and -MXR families feature a state-of-the-art ASIC which powers 7 integrated applications, including oscilloscope, digital voltmeter (DVM), waveform generator, Bode plotter, counters, protocol analyzer and logic analyzer. The EXR-Series offers up to 8 analog channels that operate simultaneously at 2.5 GHz with 16 independent digital channels.

The Infiniium EXR and MXR oscilloscopes feature on a 15.6-in high definition touchscreen, enabling users to access both built-in applications and powerful advanced applications. Infiniium applications automate complex tasks such as power supply characterization and measurement, covering basic measurements, advanced measurement and analysis of switching losses, RDS (ON), control loop response, efficiency, transient response, inrush current, current harmonics and losses of power transistors during a cycle.

The 15.6-in high definition touchscreen display of the EXR-Series is complemented by the ability to duplicate or extend the scope's screen to another monitor, improving overall productivity. A built-in Fault Hunter feature automatically analyzes the normal signal for 30 seconds and initiates advanced triggers to find rare or random signal faults. The EXR-Series' automatic, one-button launch to find physical layer signal anomalies speeds design and troubleshooting efforts, adding efficiency and expertise. Infiniium users can analyze data anywhere with the advanced Infinium Offline software.

The Fault Hunter feature, exclusive to Infiniium EXR and MXR, automates rare or random signal fault detection. With the push of a button, the oscilloscope automatically analyzes the normal signal and initiates advanced triggers to find rare or random signal faults. Fault Hunter finds physical layer signal anomalies, speeding design and troubleshooting efforts.

The Infiniium EXR-Series include a 3-year warranty and built-in KeysightCare Technical Support. Whether learning a new test technique or exploring a new probing method, EXR owners can access Keysight's vast knowledge base and expert support team to quickly obtain the information needed.

Price and Availability

The Keysight Infiniium EXR Series real-time oscilloscopes start at USD $18,300 and are available through Keysight's distribution network.

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