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Insulated BNC to 4mm Banana Jack Attenuators

Caltest CT444815 January 2021 - Cal Test introduced three new unique BNC to banana jack attenuating adapters. What is unique is that in addition to being Fully Insulated BNC male to 4 mm Sheathed Banana Jack Adapters, they are attenuating adapters providing 1,000 V CAT II and 600 V CAT III protection.

The three available attenuating values are identified by the BNC insulator color:

  •   10x (Blue)
  •   20x (Green)
  •   100x (White)

These attenuators are ideal for those lower frequency (<100 kHz) but higher voltage applications where safety calls for probes and leads more robust than standard oscilloscope probes. Using 4 mm DMM probes and/or insulated alligator clips provides a safer, more durable handheld test setup.

Providing a 1 MΩ impedance and accepting 4 mm sheathed banana plugs, the adapters allow for work in higher voltages and CAT environments such as electrical panel mains.

Selecting an adapter with the appropriate attenuation factor can reduce the input voltage to the range for your application and equipment. This is especially critical if one has a scope with a low input voltage such as portable USB or wireless types.

These adapters are small and lightweight making an ideal addition to any DMM accessory kit.


  •   Fully insulated
  •   Usable in high category environments, i.e., 1,000 V CAT II / 600 V CAT III
  •   Bridges oscilloscope functionality with DMM test lead durability
  •   Broadens the application range of low input voltage oscilloscopes
  •   Three convenient attenuations - 10x, 20x and 100x
  •   Excellent for lower frequency measurements (<100 kHz)
  •   Connects to 4mm sheathed or standard unsheathed banana plugs
  •   CE listed
  •   RoHS 2 compliant

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