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Optical Spectrum Analyzer with 5 pm Wavelength Resolution

Yokogawa AQ638001 September 2021 - Yokogawa Test & Measurement released the AQ6380 optical spectrum analyzer. The new model is designed for researchers and developers who undertake optical spectrum measurements with high wavelength resolution and a wide dynamic range in optical communication wavelength bands between 1200 nanometer (nm) and 1650 nm. The AQ6380 benchtop analyzer uses dispersion spectroscopy and is the first instrument of its type in the industry to achieve a wavelength resolution of 5 picometers (pm).

Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology is now widely used throughout high-capacity, high-speed optical communications networks, from backbones to access points, to meet the growing demand for such networks that is being driven by the expansion of communication services such as IoT, cloud computing, and 5G. In order to evaluate the characteristics and quality of the optical devices and optical components used in these networks, high-performance measuring instruments are essential. In particular, next-generation optical transceivers and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology require even higher resolution and wider dynamic range.

The newly developed AQ6380 is a highly reliable optical spectrum analyzer that offers the performance to efficiently and effectively measure devices and systems used in the most demanding photonics applications. The product is based on the dispersion spectroscopy optical design technology and extensive experience in the optical measurement industry that Yokogawa Test & Measurement has cultivated since it entered the optical spectrum analyzer market in 1980.

 Main Features 

  • Dispersion spectroscopy supporting a wide variety of applications
  • Industry-leading wavelength resolution and accuracy
  • High noise suppression ratio
  • Rapid measurement
  • Improved operability and ease of use
  • Capable of measuring original optical spectrum

Major Target Markets

Optical spectrum measurement in research and development of lasers for optical communication, optical transceivers, and optical communication devices.

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