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High Voltage Scalable LXI Matrix for up to 300x4 Connections

Pickering 65 21814 January 2022 - Pickering Interfaces launched the 65-218, 50x4 1-pole LXI matrix plug-in modules. These modules may be used in conjunction with Pickering's 65-200-002 LXI modular chassis to form a scalable, high voltage matrix platform that enables the construction of matrix sizes up to 300x4 in steps of 50x4. Available in two variants, capable of delivering cold switching to either 400 VDC or 750 VDC (1 kV pulse) with up to 2 A (switching and carrying) and a maximum switching power of 60 W, the single-pole matrix modules use high-quality electromechanical relays offering a long service life.

The modular construction of the scalable LXI platform enables great flexibility—as your requirements evolve, additional plug-in modules can be easily added, and the control software automatically detects the new configuration. The plug-in matrices are loaded into the chassis via the front panel, significantly improving the unit's ease of configuration and maintenance. If one module needs to be removed, the others can remain in the test system with the external cabling attached to the functional plug-ins. The 400 V version (model 65-218-101) can use the internal analog bus of the 65-200 chassis to connect the 50x4 matrix plug-ins forming a larger matrix. The 750 V version (65-218-111) utilizes external cabling to expand the matrix. Front panel connector interfaces on all 65-218 plug-in modules are via high voltage 9- and 50-pin D-type connectors.

The 65-200 platform offers built-in scan list sequence stores with triggering capability, both of which can be used to increase the efficiency of test systems by allowing pre-defined test sequences to be loaded onto the unit and executed automatically.

The module's design has been optimized to minimize path resistance to less than 200 mΩ per plug-in path. This design is beneficial for both onboard power dissipation and signal integrity; with a thermal offset of <4µV (typical), low signal level applications are also possible.

"With a chassis height of just 2U, it is possible to create a scalable, high voltage switching solution using the 65-218 50x4 matrix modules while minimizing the area required in the test system cabinet," comments Steve Edwards, Pickering's Switching Products Manager. "These high voltage solutions suit deployment in aerospace testing applications and are also applicable for other industries, including automotive."

Extensive accessory support is available, including Pickering's diagnostic tools - Built-in Relay Self-Test (BIRST) and eBIRST Switching System Test - which provide a quick and straightforward way of finding relay failures within the modules. Like all Pickering's products, these modules come with a three-year warranty. Pickering also offers a range of standard and custom interconnect accessories supporting the 65-218 modules.

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