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Probing Soltions for Power Electronics and ATE

PMK Bumblebee31 October 2022 - PMK announced a record number of new probing solutions at the electronica tradeshow this year that will address many of today's measurement challenges in the power electronics, automotive, industrial, and automated test equipment (ATE) space.

Here is an outlook of some of the new product releases:

NEW: PMK will be introducing FireFly, the world's fastest High Voltage Optically Isolated Probe into the market, leaping over the existing solutions with its record >1GHz bandwidth, <300ps rise time, while still maintaining the incredible >160dB CMRR performance. The probes are an ideal measurement solution for GaN and SiC device characterization, offering very stable and accurate measurements over a wide temperature range.

NEW: PMK is expanding the BumbleBee® High Voltage Differential Probe series with three new models with the best signal-to-noise performance enabling the most precise, lowest noise measurements with the highest signal fidelity in the different voltage classes in electric mobility applications. The probes are an ideal measurement solution for GaN and SiC device characterization and include ±200V, ±400V and ±1000V differential input voltage models, all with up to 500MHz bandwidth and available from 2m to 7m cable length.

NEW: Introducing PMK's high speed differential probe into the market, HSDP-Series with best-in-class >2GHz bandwidth, featuring two models with wide differential input ranges of ±8V (16Vpp) or ±20V (40Vpp) and high 1MΩ//<1pF input impedance. Available as the industry's first high-speed differential probe with 7.5m cable length, or with 2m standard length. These longer cable versions enable our customers to probe remote, hard to reach points that are impossible with the other probing solutions in the market today.

NEW: PMK will be launching its first high-speed active probing solution, the ATE2000, which enables dynamic PCB board-level testing in automated test equipment (ATE) for the first time, and helps to set new quality standards for testing safety-related electronics in autonomous fly and drive applications. These probes are ideal for dynamic fully automated (ATE) end of line (EOL) testing, featuring >2.5GHz bandwidth, ±8V (16Vpp) input range, 2MΩ//0.6pF input impedance and 6m cable length.

All PMK probing solutions come with a standard BNC interface, that can be connected to any 50Ω input or 1MΩ input impedance by using a 50Ω feed-through termination, allowing the PMK family of probes to be used on any oscilloscope in the lab. The probes are also capable of being controlled remotely for use in automated test environments.

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