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VST offers 2GHz Bandwidth and continuous Frequency Coverage

NI VST02 December 2022 - NI announced the new versatile PXI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST), the 3rd generation PXIe-5842 VST. It is the only VST to offer continuous frequency coverage from 50MHz all the way up to 23 GHz, doubles the available instantaneous bandwidth from 1GHz, on the previous generation, to 2 GHz and provides best-in-class RF performance on key metrics such as Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) and Average Noise Density.

Rapidly changing wireless technologies present new risks and challenges for the industry. The increased complexity of technologies, standards and frequencies, coupled with pressures for faster time to market, have created a demand for NI’s products to cover all bands in a single instrument. The PXIe-5842 is the highest-performing PXI VST instrument available. EVM performance has been improved by 3dB for key Wi-Fi 7 and 5GNR waveforms. The PXIe-5842’s low cost, scalable approach is now the only PXI product that can offer a single instrument that can be configured to 8 GHz for sub-8 cellular and Wi-Fi applications, 12 GHz for cellular and connectivity applications, and 23 GHz for applications that require the ultimate flexibility on frequency spectrum ranging from VHF to Ku for applications such as Radar target simulation and spectrum monitoring in electronic warfare and satellite communications.

“NI is excited to bring this revolutionary product to the wireless industry,” said Chen Chang, Strategic Business Development Director, NI. “The PXIe-5842 can be configured to offer 23 Gigahertz, two times the coverage of competitor’s models. And at 2 Gigahertz bandwidth, the PXIe-5842 provides a 67% increase in bandwidth over currently available models, giving our customers the competitive advantage.”

Traditional RF box instrumentation can be bulky, expensive, and lacking versatility. The PXIe-5842 offers excellent measurement accuracy and can measure 802.11be Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) performance of more than –49 dB, for standard compliant test cases. Its scalability and simplified test benches offer customers one instrument and one connection.

Additional Key Features Include:

  • Continuous frequency coverage from 50 MHz up to 23 GHz
  • 2 GHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • Direct RF path below 1.75 GHz
  • Baseband conditioning modes optimized for Wide Bandwidth or High Dynamic Range
  • MGT connectors for streaming at full data rate (Q1 '23)
  • Increasing test coverage capability with best-in-class VST performance
  • Combine multiple VSTs in one integrated PXIe system for MIMO applications, allowing for up to 4x4 MIMO configuration into one 18-slot chassis
  • Common software tools to PXIe-583x and PXIe-5841 for a seamless upgrade experience

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