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Source Measure Unit for Supply of up to 3A and 200V

TTi SMU420109 January 2023 - The all-in-one Aim-TTi SMU4000 Series source measurement solution features powerful 4-quadrant PowerFlex technology for use in industrial product development and educational environments, battery charging/discharging tests, I-V characterization, and semiconductor work.

Saelig Company introduced the AIM-TTi SMU4000 Source Measure Unit Series which integrates a fast and agile high power, four quadrant voltage/current source with advanced precise voltage/current meters as an all-in-one test solution. Precisely supplying positive and negative voltages, sourcing or sinking power, while simultaneously measuring both current and voltage, makes these instruments ideal for rapid I-V characterization. The PowerFlex autoranging design provides semi-constant power characteristics at ±3A so that the current capability rises as the voltage falls - unlike conventional SMUs where the maximum power can only be achieved at the top of each voltage range. As well as a high precision DC and pulsed source with measurement capabilities, the SMU4000 instruments have a built-in sweep function including constant and pulsed sweep operation and double sweep functions both linear & logarithmic. Arbitrary list sweeps of up to 100K points can be directly uploaded to the instrument via a flash drive.

There are two models in the range: the SMU4001 is a +/- 20mV to 20V instrument, while the SMU4201 is a +/- 20mV to 200V device. The SMU4201 contains a high voltage interlock to prevent accidental access to potentially dangerous high voltages. By default, the instrument is set to Low Voltage operation, restricting the maximum permitted voltage to ±42V DC, with source level and limit settings restricted to a maximum of ±42V DC. The built-in DMM in both instruments provides 6½ digit, 0.1µV and 100fA resolution with fast measurement speeds up to 200µs (5k/s). Eight basic pre-sets allow instant operation, including: Power Supply, Current Source, Load, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Ohmmeter, Insulation Resistance and Leakage Current. These setups form a convenient starter from which settings can be edited using the manual setup mode configuration.

Test Bridge Software is included to provide full programmable control of multiple SMUs with additional enhanced features. The graphical interface allows advanced setups, lists, and sequences to be created and directly applied to the SMU. Quick and efficient data download means results can be saved and exported for further analysis as a .CSV file and then further viewed in a tabular or graphical format from within the Test Bridge SMU software.

An optional SMU LINK device can be used to connect two SMUs to perform simultaneously via a handshake triggering system, effectively creating a fully functioning 2-channel SMU. This can be very useful when testing three-leaded components such as small signal BJTs, FETs, and more.

The four quadrant Source Measure Unit (SMU) SMU4000 series by Aim-TTi is an ideal solution for industrial as well as educational environments. Combining touch screen technology with an intuitive graphical user interface it provides a clear and natural flow through the test and measurement process. This SMU is an all-in-one solution for simplifying test applications such as battery charging/discharging, I-V characterization, semiconductor and material testing with high current and power combined with fast measurements and low glitch auto ranging speed.

Made by AIM-TTi, one of Europe’s leading test equipment manufacturers, the AIM-TTi SMU4000 Source Measure Unit Series is available now from their USA technical distributor Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY. F

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