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Eight programmable Test Instruments in one Box

Saelig ABI 9in116 January 2023 - Saelig Company introduced the ABI Multiple Instrument Station MIS4 Test Station, an all-in-one testing tool that combines in a compact case all commonly required test instruments in one programmable hardware module. Controlled by ABI’s sophisticated SYSTEM 8 Ultimate PC software with a simple yet programmable operator interface, the MIS4 combines eight laboratory instruments: a 3-channel 350MHz digital storage oscilloscope with sophisticated triggering options and automatic measurements, a 1.1GHz frequency counter and three 350MHz counters, a 14-bit dual-channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform function generator, a fully floating ammeter, a fully floating voltmeter, a fully floating ohmmeter, a multi-rail 4-channel power supply, and 8 programmable I/O channels to cover almost any test and measurement need. The MIS4 Test Station can be used with any PC or a compatible laptop, connected via USB.

The instruments in the MIS4 are all guided by the Windows-based TestFlow Manager, a step by step sequencer software for tests that guides operators during fault-finding or test procedure processes. In addition to controlling the instruments required for a specific test, additional instructions, photos, PDFs, videos and other documents can be included in a custom, user-designed test sequence to make complex test procedures understandable and repeatable. Automatic instrument setup speeds up the test operations and set-by-step test sequences enables rapid operator training. TestFlow Manager sequential testing reduces the risk of inaccurate measurements and automatically saves all test parameters for a final customized test report. This eliminates subjective operator data interpretation by using automatic comparison of test results. This can free an engineer’s time by allowing semi-skilled operators to run test procedures repeatably and accurately. This results in a much faster and more economical testing solution than using traditional oscilloscope, metering and other bench test methods, and can quickly produce the required Pass/Fail or other test and debug results.

Applications include: production test, education, automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas, telecommunications, maintenance, PCB testing/troubleshooting, power-on/power-off testing, QA reporting, automated test sequencing, etc.

Made in UK by ABI Electronics the Multiple Instrument Station MIS4 Test Station consists of a SYSTEM 8 Multiple Instrument Station MIS 4 (601011), a SYSTEM 8 Multilink USB External Case (690257), a SYSTEM 8 MIS 4 ABS Carry Case with customized foam interior, and SYSTEM 8 Ultimate software. It is available now from ABI’s technical distributor Saelig Company, Inc., Fairport, NY.

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