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Precision DC Energy Analyzer with wide Dynamic Range

Saelig JouleScope06 February 2023 - Saelig Company introduced the Joulescope JS220 - an easy-to-use precision DC energy analyzer which measures current and voltage and computes power and energy. It accurately measures electrical current over ten orders of magnitude from amps down to nanoamps. This extremely wide range capability allows accurate and precise current measurements for modern battery-powered and IoT devices where sleep modes may be just nanoamps or microamps but active operational current up to several amps. The JS220 measures current and voltage at 2MSa/s with 300kHz bandwidth, which makes visible the power consumption of short events like interrupt service routines and inrush currents.

Most multimeters and current meters have a significant voltage drop (called burden voltage or insertion loss) which affects the actual voltage delivered to the device under test. The JS220 has a very low voltage drop of 25mV at 1A, which does not affect the operation of the target device. Joulescope’s extremely fast current range switching maintains this low voltage drop even under rapidly varying current demands.

The JS220 provides reports on cumulative energy and charge consumption, as well as real-time current, voltage, and power. It displays instantaneous voltage, current, power, and energy, like a multimeter. The Multimeter View provides a quick and easy summary of the present state of the device being tested. It can also display waveforms of voltage and current versus time like an oscilloscope. This Oscilloscope View helps identify and troubleshoot dynamic behavior or short events, including inrush current, event handlers, and tasks.

Joulescope combines high-speed sampling and rapid dynamic current range switching to provide accurate and seamless current and energy measurements, even for devices with rapidly varying current consumption. The exceptional accuracy of the economical Joulescope allows any engineer to measure the energy consumed by the target device during development, providing rapid knowledge of how changes affect the overall product battery life. Developers can make informed choices to account for battery life during the design phase, eliminating power consumption surprises during final product testing. Applications include: microprocessor and hardware power profiling and optimization, sleep current optimization, troubleshooting, software characterization and interrupt service routine profiling, USB inrush and suspend current pre-compliance testing, general-purpose current, voltage, power, charge, and energy measurement, etc.

Made in the USA by Jetperch, the JS220 provides precision power measurements in a portable, handy form factor. It is available now from Saelig Company, Inc., Fairport, NY.

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