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Triple-Channel Programmable DC Power Supply

GWinst GPP 306026 April 2023 - GW Instek launched the new GPP-3650 Triple-Channel Programmable DC Power Supply to augment the GPP-3060/6030 with the extended model. The model GPP-3650 provides the same maximum output power of 385W as that of GPP-3060/6030. GPP-3650 inherits the high program resolution (1mV/0.1mA) and read back resolution (0.1mV/0.1mA) of the GPP series with low-ripple noise characteristics 1mVrms/2mArms and 100µs output transient recovery ability. An independent output on-off switch is provided for each channel.

For series and parallel applications of CH1 and CH2, the tracking function can automatically switch to series or parallel output without additional external wiring. Multiple display modes including single channel or multi-channel setting value, measurement value and waveform display to collocate with the built-in output monitoring function allow users to set the monitoring conditions according to their needs so as to generate an alarm or stop the output during the measurement process in order to stop the measurement and protect the customer's DUT.

The output recorder function can record the voltage/current of the output process in the internal memory, and save the result as a (*.REC) or (*.CSV) file, and then save it to a USB flash drive. The unique load function of the GPP series can arbitrarily set CH1/CH2 as power supply or load function. For example, one channel is set as power output, and the other channel is set as load function to consume the power of the DUT to satisfy simple battery charging and discharging or load characteristic test by a single power supply.

The sequence output function allows users to edit the power output waveforms by themselves, and also allows users to set the sequential constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) load waveforms such as serial power output or dynamic load simulation test. Channel 3 (CH3) incorporates 3A USB (Type A) output terminal, which can be used for USB charging test.

Pertaining to measurement protections, OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP protection functions are provided. The protection mechanism of OVP/OCP/OTP is implemented by hardware circuits, which has a faster response time to protect equipment or DUT while comparing with competitors who use software for protection. The OVP and OCP functions allow users to set the protection action point according to the conditions of the DUT. OPP only provides protection during the operation of the load function.

In addition, GPP-3650 incorporates terminal output on the rear panel, and include a voltage remote sensing terminal. Users can choose front panel or rear panel terminal output, which is convenient for stand-alone or rack operation. Output value setting and Sequence/ The Delay/Recorder functions provide 10 sets of internal memory, which can be uploaded/stored by a USB flash drive.

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