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Mix-and-Match RF Design System for Signals up to 6 GHz

Saelig BeeWave09 May 2023 - Saelig Company introduced BeeWave - a novel wireless front-end concept that allows users to build complete, functioning complex RF circuits on a desktop without requiring any tools. BeeWave acts like an RF breadboard for placing and connecting different ready-made modules, each performing an RF function, to create a wireless system. This novel approach for RF and microwave design enables demonstrations, teaching, and implementation through these simple ‘plug and play’ modules.

Readymade ‘plug and play’ modules are available for most typical RF functions up to 6GHz. Just connect modules on the powered baseboard to build complete RF circuits rapidly. BeeWave is ideal for hands-on education of RF and microwave concepts, and it is the fastest way to prototype, test, and validate RF circuit designs. BeeWave allows users to build any RF and microwave circuits without the need for complex RF PCB design and fabrication. BeeWave allows for multiple design iterations without the cost or delay of PCB re-fabrication

Readymade configurations are available for education and classroom training. These PC-controlled modules are compatible with Matlab and other programming systems. This experiment aims at exploring the functionality and structure of RF down-converters. Students will begin to rapidly understand the underlying RF technology and they will learn how to implement, setup, and operate, for instance, a single-stage down-converter using SpectraTronix BeeWave System through hands-on interaction with the system to comprehend the effects of different building blocks and their functions.

Available BeeWave Modules include:

  •   Wideband Amplifiers up to 6GHz (fixed & variable gain; PC controlled)
  •   LNA Wideband up to 2,700MHz
  •   Mixers, wideband up to 14GHz (PC Controlled)
  •   RF Switches 2-Port & 4-Port up to 6 GHz (PC Controlled)
  •   Low pass filters up to 6 GHz
  •   Band pass filters up to 6 GHz (Narrow/Wideband)
  •   Variable Attenuators up to 6 GHz (PC controlled)
  •   Clock Reference 10 MHz, up to 4 output ports
  •   PLL/LO Wideband up to 6 GHz (PC controlled)

This software-tunable generator is suitable for use in applications such as wireless communications systems, RF and microwave radios, software defined radio, radar, automated test equipment (ATE), radiated immunity pre-compliance testing, electronic warfare, law enforcement, medical research, etc.

Superior RF performance makes BeeWave an ideal tool for professional prototyping, while ease of use, pre-built teaching configurations, and PC/Matlab connectivity make this a perfect hands-on tool for teaching RF and wireless concepts. No need to worry about constructing, biasing, powering, or matching complex components on a PCB. Made by RF designers SpectraTronix, BeeWave is available now from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport NY their USA technical distributor.

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