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Automotive and Consumer Electronics Testing Laboratory

SGS Labor München14 June 2024 - SGS, a leading testing, inspection and certification company, completed the relocation of its electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing facility for automotive, medical, industrial and consumer electronics in Munich, Germany, to a larger facility in the suburb of Puchheim. Covering 6,300 m2, the new site has been specially adapted to enable a significant testing and certification scope expansion for automotive and e-mobility, machinery, lamps and luminaires, medical devices and industrial and consumer electronics. ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, it can evaluate everything from small components to large, heavy and complex systems.

The site’s 10 m EMC chamber contains a 6 m diameter turntable with a load capacity of 10 tons (dynamic) and 35 tons (static). In addition, a heavy-duty test area away from the turntable is available for vehicles and specimens of up to 15 tons/m2, 20 tons axle load or 35 tons total weight. Access to the chamber is made easy by the 4.2 x 4.2 m door.

The facility also houses two 5 m absorber chambers. Larger than the conventional 3 m type, these are fitted to test both current and next-generation medium-sized test specimens and complex setups for high-voltage systems in the context of e-mobility and can evaluate specimens up to 125 A/400 V and 1,000 VDC or 500 ADC.

Additionally, the laboratory is configured to test radio frequency (RF), product safety and fire and flammability on a wide range of products, including lamps and luminaires, IT, audio-video and laboratory equipment and in-vitro and medical devices. Its new lighting technology laboratory includes an 18 m long dark room with expanded scope that can now evaluate photometric properties and photobiological safety in lamps, luminaires and lasers.

The Puchheim laboratory holds official designation from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, KBA) for EMC testing, in accordance with ECE-R10, alongside German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) accreditation in the areas of EMC, RF, product safety, medical devices, lighting technology and fire and flammability. The site can issue EMC certification for US or South Korean markets and CB certification for EMC and product safety.

SGS is the first choice for automotive and electric and electronic product manufacturers and suppliers looking for a fast, cost-effective one-stop solution for testing and certification.

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