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4-Channel 400W programmable DC Supplies

Siglent SPD4000X05 July 2024 - Saelig Company, Inc. announced the Siglent SPD4000X Series 4-channel Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies. This series includes three models with output power of 240W, 285W or 400W. Offering a minimum resolution of 1mV/1mA on the four independent programmable outputs, two of the channels can be connected in series or in parallel by one-click to output more voltage or current; the SPD4306X can output 60V/6A in series, and SPD4121X can output 12V/20A in parallel. The 4-wire remote voltage sense function allows compensation of up to 0.6V to ensure the correct voltage is delivered to a device under test.

The SPD4000X series supports a five-digit voltage and five-digit current 4.3” color TFT-LCD display, showing a precise setting and read-back resolution of 1mV/1mA. The three models are:

  •   SPD4323X: 6V/3.2A;32V/3.2A; 32V/3.2A; 6V/3.2A
  •   SPD4121X: 15V/1.5A; 12V/10A; 12V/10A; 15V/1.5A
  •   SPD4306X: 15V/1.5A; 30V/6A; 30V/6A; 15V/1A

The four output channels can be independently controlled and turned on or off simultaneously, and these supplies can be programmed to generate multiple sequences of voltage, current, and time, to meet complex test requirements. Specific sequences can simulate a variety of voltage and current test states, such as sudden rise and fall, brownout, interruption, etc. More complex sequences that are not easy to edit can be imported via USB to quickly improve test efficiency. The SPD4000X series has a fast output response time of < 50us, enabling fast compensation for output voltage changes. Output response is the change of output voltage when the load current changes dynamically.

The SPD4000X series allows users to save multiple results to local or external memory, and can even take a screen shot, which is beneficial for capturing dynamic test conditions. The power supply series includes USB and LAN communication interfaces as standard, with an optional USB-GPIB converter also available. The embedded Web Server enables control and monitoring of the supply directly from a web browser, eliminating the need for software drivers or applications.

Key features include:

  •   4 independent channels
  •   Total output power of 240W, 285W or 400W
  •   minimum resolution of 1mV/1mA
  •   Dynamic response with 1ms setting resolution and < 50us load response time
  •   Advanced web control with independent channel and list operation

The SPD4000X series power supplies are excellent tools for device testing, and can be widely used in new energy, manufacturing, wireless communications, consumer electronics, laboratories, education, and other fields. The SPD4000X Series adds higher power, flexibility, accuracy, and a fourth channel to Siglent’s existing popular line of linear 3-channel DC power supplies. The SPDX Power Supplies are available now e.g. in North America from Siglent’s technical distributor Saelig Company, Inc.

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