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productronica11_logo_rgbRohde & Schwarz sets Standards with new High-End Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

11 November 2011 — The highlight at the Rohde & Schwarz booth at productronica (hall A1, booth 375) will be the R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer, which is unbeatable on the market when it comes to RF performance and analysis bandwidth. It comes in three models that cover the frequency ranges from 2 kHz to 8 GHz, 13 GHz and 26.5 GHz.

The analyzer outperforms all other high-end instruments on the market, with phase noise values that are up to 10 dB lower. Multiple measurements and different applications can be displayed in parallel on the screen. Further outstanding features are the large demodulation bandwidth of 160 MHz and the multistandard radio analysis function. This unique combination makes it possible to analyze multiple mobile radio and wireless standards simultaneously on different frequencies.

Rohde & Schwarz will present its new R&S NRP-Z211/-Z221 two-path diode sensors for the first time at productronica. They offer higher measurement speed and accuracy than comparable instruments on the market – but at the same price. This benefits primarily users who need a solution for high-precision power measurements in production. The R&S NRP-Z211 (up to 8 GHz) and R&S NRP-Z221 (up to 18 GHz) sensors can be used with virtually any signal generator, spectrum analyzer and vector network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz.

The R&S ZNB and R&S ZNC vector network analyzers feature extremely simple operation and short measurement times. The new generation of vector network analyzers has a dynamic range up to 140 dB, a sweep time of 4 ms for 401 points and a high output power of up to +15 dBm. This ensures fast, accurate measurements. The analyzers cover the frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 3 GHz, 4.5 GHz or 8.5 GHz. A further advantage offered by the analyzers is their 12.1 inch screen, which provides ample space for displaying results. Thanks to the modern touchscreen-based operating concept, the user can access every instrument function in no more than three steps. The low housing depth leaves plenty of room at the workstation. The R&S ZNC is available with two ports, the R&S ZNB with two or four ports. The four-port version of the R&S ZNB can analyze not only differential DUTs but also, with its second internal source, the intermodulation characteristics of amplifiers.

The R&S SGS100A signal generators featuring a frequency range of up to 12.75 GHz have been optimized by Rohde & Schwarz for use in automatic systems: They are fast, cost-efficient and space-saving. Due to their small size – they are just one-half the width of a 19" rack and require only a single height unit – at least four times as many RF sources as previously possible can be accommodated in a single rack. The compact unit provides RF performance comparable to that of high-end signal generators. With typical frequency and level setting times of 280 µs, the R&S SGS100A is three times faster than its conventional counterparts, ensuring high throughput in production.

Rohde & Schwarz will also present new products for broadcast T&M applications: The R&S EFL240 and R&S EFL340 TV test receivers feature a practical design and easy operation. Installation personnel can use the test receivers to reliably measure the quality of cable, satellite and terrestrial signals of cable TV systems and indoor distribution systems. The R&S EFL340 also supports the DVB-T2 digital standard.

After having added the R&S RTO and R&S RTM oscilloscope families to its T&M portfolio last year, Rohde & Schwarz is now enhancing the product line. Among the instruments to be showcased at productronica in Munich is the new 600 MHz oscilloscope of the high-performance R&S RTO family. It provides users with a unique solution for complex and in-depth analyses also in the low bandwidth range. Another new item is a hardware option with which the R&S RTO can be upgraded to a mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) by means of 16 digital logic channels. The option makes it possible to perform fast, precise tests on embedded designs. The R&S RTO-K4 trigger and decoding option is available for analyses on the FlexRay serial automobile system bus. In addition, Rohde & Schwarz will present new differential probes for broadening the application range of the two oscilloscope families. The R&S RT-ZD20 and R&S RT-ZD30 appeal to users by offering signal fidelity, measurement reliability and operating convenience.

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