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Evaluation and Characterization of Battery Cells and Stacks

BKP BA810014 July 2022 - B&K Precision announced the newest addition to their battery analyzer product line with the model BA8100. This instrument is capable of accurately measuring the internal impedance of a battery at a user-defined frequency. Additional measurements include voltage, current, phase, capacitance, inductance, and quality factor. Using the provided application software, the BA8100 is capable of performing EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy), a swept frequency technique for evaluating batteries.

The data acquired can be evaluated through Nyquist and Bode plots to determine effective series resistance (ESR) and track battery health. Measurement data can also be exported as a CSV file for future reference or further analysis.

Every BA8100 includes a self-test fixture to verify the instrument’s performance and compensate for the resistance introduced by the test leads. For PC connectivity, the BA8100 provides LAN, USB, and RS232 interfaces.

Available now, the BA8100 offers an impressive price-performance ratio suited for incoming inspection, battery second use (B2U), battery stack service, and manufacturing.

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