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Precision DC Source Meter for Semiconductor Component Test

GWI GSM 20H1019 October 2022 - GW Instek launched the new GSM-20H10 precision DC source meter to officially enter the source meter equipment market in order to showcase GW Instek's experience in power measurement applications, and the combined technological advantages of developing 6 1/2 DMM. By launching this product, GW Instek will compete with Keithley, NI, and Keysight source meter manufacturers on the semiconductor component testing market so as to provide engineers with digital source meters of high precision, high measurement speed and best cost performance ratio.

The demand for source meters in the measurement equipment market is relatively high and the application is quite extensive. It is indispensable for the semiconductor component industry demanding highest standards of measurement accuracy, speed, and efficiency to have a high-precision test and measurement instrument that combines practical functions from a DMM, power supply, precision source, and electronic load. The brand new GSM-20H10 series digital source meter has a power supply and measurement range of ±210V / ±1.05A / 22W, providing an accurate measurement accuracy of 0.012% and the 6 1/2-digit high-resolution DMM function provides the highest measurement accuracy of 1uV/10pA.

The GSM-20H10 can not only provide accurate voltage and current, but also measure the characteristics of batteries, semiconductors, and various electronic materials. For resistance measurements, the series has the maximum 6-wire measurement function to measure more accurate values compared with the general source meters that only support 4-wire measurement. In terms of sampling rate, GSM-20H10 has a sampling rate of up to 50k points per second, which can accurately analyze the characteristics of the DUT.

Furthermore, GSM-20H10 is equipped with a large 4.3-inch display, which can fully display all measurement settings, parameters and results on the screen. It supports the SDM (Source Delay Measure) function, which can delay sampling when the signal changes so as to prevent misjudgment from the unstable signals being captured. The four built-in sequence output modes (Stair, Log, SRC-MEM, Custom) can support up to 2500 points of sequence change output.

In terms of protection, GSM-20H10 provides OVP/OTP modes. In the design of OVP, engineers can customize the range of OVP, and OTP can effectively prevent errors caused by temperature drift during the test process. For interfaces, the series supports standard SCPI commands and provides GPIB, RS-232, USBTMC, and LAN, which can meet the testing needs of engineers with different interface requirements.

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