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RS-FSH2013.6 GHz and 20 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzers  

20 March 2013 - The popular R&S FSH family of handheld spectrum analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz has two new models: the R&S FSH13 covering the range from 9 kHz to 13.6 GHz and the R&S FSH20 covering the range to 20 GHz. For maximum sensitivity, both models are equipped with an amplifier that can be activated. Users can now use the handheld analyzers' wide range of measurement features up into the microwave range.  

The portable R&S FSH spectrum analyzers are a powerful and versatile tool for performing measurements on base stations, for maintaining and installing transmitter systems and for analyzing signal quality. The analyzers have a rugged, lightweight design and are easy to use, making them ideal for applications in the field.   

The compact platform integrates numerous measurement functions that can be used to analyze transmit signals and interference, measure performance and much more. The maximum application frequency range of 3.6 GHz and 8 GHz respectively covered by the R&S FSH4 and the R&S FSH8 has now been extended. The two new models offer users a frequency range up to 13.6 GHz and 20 GHz.   

   The R&S FSH spectrum analyzers support all common wireless communications standards. With their higher frequency range, the R&S FSH13 and R&S FSH20 can also be used for microwave applications up to 13.6 GHz and 20 GHz, respectively. In addition, the analyzers are now able to measure disturbance signals in wireless communications networks, such as UMTS up to the fifth harmonic. The R&S FSH13 and R&S FSH20 are also perfect for measurements performed during the installation and maintenance of satellite communications and radar systems. Last but not least, the portable spectrum analyzers are easy to use, making them ideal for everyday tasks in the lab, from development work to troubleshooting to EMC diagnostics.  

The R&S FSH13 and R&S FSH20 deliver measurement results with a sweep speed roughly four times faster than comparable instruments. A complete sweep up to 13.6 GHz takes just 800 milliseconds. Performance data for digitally modulated signals such as GSM, WCDMA and LTE is available in just a few button presses. The R&S FSH spectrum analyzers offer the best sensitivity (typically –162 dBm between 8 GHz and 13.6 GHz) and accuracy (typically 1 dB; >8 GHz) in the handheld category. Even the dynamic range, which is normalized to 1 Hz, delivers 145 dB at 1 GHz, up to 10 dB higher than comparable spectrum analyzers.  

The rugged handheld instruments are optimized for applications in the field. They feature a display that is easy to read even in bright daylight, weigh less than 3 kg and run for up to 4.5 hours on an easily replaceable battery. A wizard for configuring automatic test sequences and the ability to assign functions to buttons make them very fast and easy to use.  

 The R&S FSH13 and R&S FSH20 will be available from Rohde & Schwarz in the second quarter of 2013.

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