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Pulse Generator Option for Handheld Analyzers

Keysight Fieldfox21 May 2024 - Keysight Technologies expanded the software applications for its FieldFox portfolio of handheld radio frequency (RF) analyzers to include a pulse generator. Available for B- and C-Series FieldFox handheld analyzers, the downloadable Option 357 pulse generator offers field engineers a diverse array of pulse types at frequencies up to 54 GHz.

Field engineers conduct routine maintenance on and troubleshoot RF, microwave, and millimeter wave (mmWave) systems. During their work, they need to test a variety of devices and systems to ensure they are working as intended by using the data signals created by a pulse generator. To generate the diverse types of pulses needed for field testing, engineers need multiple expensive pulse generators that may not be specifically designed for field use.

The Keysight FieldFox Option 357 signal generator software addresses this challenge by enabling engineers to quickly upgrade existing B- and C-Series FieldFox handheld analyzers to meet their specific testing needs on the fly. All that is needed for field engineers to take advantage of the only handheld analyzer in the industry with an embedded pulse generator is a software license key and a firmware upgrade.

The new Option 357 signal generator application offers the following benefits:

  • Maximum carrier frequency coverage – Operates at frequencies up to 54 GHz depending on the FieldFox model used.
  • Wide array of pulse types – Includes standard pulses, FM chirps, FM triangles, AM pulses, and user-definable pulse sequences. In addition, it can create continuous wave (CW) signals with or without AM / FM modulations, including Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) and Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK).
  • Easy-to-read interface – Displays key parameters of the generated signal in both numerical and graphical formats.
  • Multiple field uses – Supports applications including field radar testing for air traffic control, simulating automotive radar, conducting field EMI leakage checks, and testing the propagation loss of mobile networks.
  • Optimize field instrument investment – Enables engineers to quickly add pulse generation capabilities to existing FieldFox handhelds to save time and money.

Vince Nguyen, Vice President and General Manager, Aerospace, Defense, and Government Solution Group at Keysight, said: “When engineers are in the field, they need flexible test solutions that can be adapted quickly to rapidly changing needs. With the FieldFox Option 357 pulse generator software application, Keysight is delivering a long sought-after capability for high-impact field applications in the aerospace, automotive, and telecommunications industries. As the only handheld analyzer that features a built-in pulse generator covering up to 54 GHz, FieldFox optimizes field instrument investments with a software-defined platform that can easily be configured through software license keys.”

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