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XJTAG supports international Network Licensing

25 May 2012 — XJTAG released version 2.7 of its boundary scan software which is now available with network licensing, allowing corporations to share the use of their XJTAG licences across multiple sites nationally or internationally. The XJTAG Development System has new features that are designed to make it even easier to use, and results quicker to generate, including a new JTAG chain identifier and Schematic Viewer.

“XJTAG continues to offer value for money while delivering a cost effective solution that can help clients throughout the product development lifecycle, from early in the design and development stages through to manufacture,” said Simon Payne, CEO.

“Ease of use is high on our priorities when providing new features. So it will come as no surprise that this latest release provides improvements in usability with even faster board setup times, along with greater flexibility and connectivity with network licensing.”

The new JTAG chain identifier detects and automatically sets up the JTAG chain in a circuit, saving the user from manually having to step through each device or connector in the chain themselves.

The new integrated Schematic Viewer allows users to quickly switch from their XJDeveloper project setup or XJRunner results straight to the schematic view of the component they're interested in, by assigning searchable PDF schematic files to each board.

This release also comes with an API calling mechanism that allows users to access functionality from other .NET assemblies.

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