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All-in-one functional and electrical safety test

Finero-Quanti19 November 2010 - The Finnish technology company Finero Oy introduced a test and measurement product family named QUANTI, that can comprise electrical safety test functions as well as a digital multimeter (DMM) and LCR (inductance, capacitance and resistance) meter. Quanti T&M equipment family has at least 15 different models, which can incorporate among others DMM, Hipot, Ground Bond, etc. functions accommodating the general test & measurement needs in labs, production and type tests.

Having all functional testing combined with electrical safety testing in one unit saves cabling costs and space within a 19” standard rack. It enables easier programming and training as the user only needs to be familiar with one product from one company. All Quanti T&M equipment is used in the same way. The unit can also be bench mounted.

Easy programming of the units is achieved through the use of only four buttons and a flywheel knob. The four buttons are 'softkeys', with their current meaning always clearly shown on the display, while the flywheel is used to select parameters.

Information and data provided can be seen on the multiple-line color LCD display. Clear commands make the software easy and intuitive to use. Comfortable menus make sure that the operator can adjust all test parameters correctly. User can select menu languages English, German, French and Spanish.

The available Windows software allows the creation and loading of test programs on a PC. A test program can comprise of several test steps. For example, a program could be written that raises the test voltage (in Hipot) according to a certain ramp time to a particular level, then keep it there, lower it or raise higher, do a functional measurement such as measuring current, then perform the Hipot test again. Test programs can be uploaded via USB slot on the front panel.

Like all Finero’s testers, Quanti products are LabVIEW compatible. The data produced by Quanti testers can be shown on a spreadsheet, represented as graphs or used in any other program. Data can also be further analyzed to produce information such as the deviation of a certain measurement in a particular production run. Quanti products can use RS-485 interface for communication between other Quanti instruments. This removes the need for e.g. GPIB interfaces in each and every piece of equipment in the test system, which can be costly and challenging to install in test racks.

The devices can be linked to a PC via four optional interfaces - USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and GPIB - allowing storage, display and printing of results, as well as remote control of the testing process.

Quanti family can be used with Finero’s relay matrix with 32 floating freely programmable outputs. Relay matrix can handle 7.3kVAC or very small signals. Optionally Quanti is supplied with an internal scanner with 4 channels so that small test systems are even easier to build.

Quanti test equipment is supplied with PFC, Power Factor Correction, in the input to reduce the network harmonics effects according to EN 61000.

Quanti offers test & measurement equipment for a wide range of applications, such as production, laboratory and R&D.

The Quanti range follows Finero’s highly successful FST-200 4S analyzer. Comprising four different measurements including HiPot, ground bond, insulation resistance and the device under test (DUT) resistance, this product was chosen as “Test & Measurement World” Magazine’s Finalist in the BEST IN TEST 2010 competition, in the category EMC and Safety Test.

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