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PESQ Option for Audio Analyzer

22 March 2012 - Audio Precision announced the availability of a PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) software option for its APx500 Series audio analyzer. PESQ audio measurement is a major new optional feature for the APxaudio analyzers allowing faster, more repeatable audio test for smartphones, Bluetooth devices, VoIP networks and telecommunications equipment.

PESQ is a widely used perceptual measurement for voice quality in telecommunications. It was developed by OPTICOM GmbH in Germany and forms the basis of ITU-T Recommendation P.862. PESQ is specifically designed for testing voice quality on low bandwidth devices such as telephones, smartphones and hands-free devices. MOS (Mean Opinion Score) results from PESQ achieve a very high correlation with results obtainable using human subjects in a way that is faster, more repeatable, less expensive, and fully automated.

Comprehensive I/O options and measurement set for smartphones and tablets

With the addition of integrated PESQ measurements, the APx audio analyzer is the premier solution for audio testing in the mobile and VoIP industries. APx audio analyzers now offer a complete set of tools for audio engineers in the smartphone and VoIP industry, featuring the only direct PDM I/O for MEMS microphone testing, Bluetooth I/O with built-in radio, and comprehensive analysis of HDMI, I2S digital serial, analog and acoustic signals.

"Mobile devices today can easily have ten or more audio I/O choices and they all need to be tested within ever-faster product life cycles,” explains Tom Williams, VP of Sales and Marketing at Audio Precision. "The ability to apply a complete suite of audio and perceptual evaluation measurements to every signal path using a single analyzer with a single test project that results in a single report is key to ensuring good design quality in the shortest time possible."

Price and availability

Pricing for the PESQ option is $4500 in the US. Price may vary in other countries. All AP Sales Partners are now accepting orders. PESQ requires APx500 software v3.0 which will ship in April, 2012. Please contact your local AP Sales Partner for demos or more information.

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