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Technical Literature

Technical Literature about a variety of topics from test and measurement, quality insurance, and others.This is not a complete list of available books but just some books which might be helpful for test and measurement engineers. Most of the books listed here, have been recommended by other test engineers.

If you know books we should add here, please let us know. Please send us your recommendation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


General Test & Measurement


Electronic Test Instruments: Analog and Digital Measurements

Author(s): Robert A. Witte
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2002, 2nd Edition
371 Pages
ISBN 0-13-066830-3

A practical guide to electronic testing and measurement, explaining instruments and techniques. Includes many circuit models and conceptual block diagrams.



Author(s): Ian Hickman
Publisher: Newnes, 2000, 5th Edition
262 Pages
ISBN 978-0750647571

A handy guide to oscilloscopes for anyone who has to use a scope. The science and electronics of how oscilloscopes work is explained in order to enhance the reader's appreciation of how to use their 'scope. The practical use of oscilloscope is explained with clarity and supported with examples, encouraging the reader to think about the application of their oscilloscope and improve their use of this complex instrument.


Spectrum and Network Measurements

Author(s): Robert A. Witte
Publisher: Noble Publishing Corporation, 2001, 1st Edition
320 Pages
ISBN 978-1884932168

This book covers the theory and practice of spectrum and network measurements in electronic systems. Intended for readers who have a background in electrical engineering and use spectrum or network analyzers to characterize electronic signals or systems, this volume consolidates the pertinent theory into one comprehensive treatment of frequency domain measurements. The book covers critical concepts, such as Fourier analysis, transmission lines, intermodulation distortion, signal-to-noise ratio and S-parameters and enables the reader to understand the basic theory of signals and systems, relate it to measured results, and apply it when creating new designs.


Mixed-Signal Test


An Introduction to Mixed-Signal IC Test and Measurement

Author(s): Mark Burns, Gordon W. Roberts
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, 2000, 1st Edition
704 Pages
ISBN 978-0195140163

This book encompasses the testing of both analog and mixed-signal circuits including many borderline examples. Digital testing is covered, but not as extensively because of the wealth of information on this topic already available. Examples and illustrations using state-of-the-art industrial technology enrich and enliven the presentation throughout. In considering the applications of this technology, the testing of large-scale mixed-signal circuits and individual circuits is introduced. The book assumes a solid background in analog and digital circuits as well as a working knowledge of computers and computer programming. A background in digital signal processing and statistical analysis is also helpful, though not absolutely necessary.


Demystifying Mixed Signal Test Methods

Author(s): Mark Baker
Publisher: Newnes, Elsevier Science, USA, 2003
279 Pages
ISBN 978-0750676168

A a less theoretical, less mathematical, and more applications-oriented approach to Mixed Signal Test Methods.This book aims to give the reader an understanding of the essentials of mixed signal testing techniques. Emphasis is on commonly used devices and systems (such as PLLs and DSP). Sampling theory is covered in detail, as this is the foundation for understanding all mixed signal testing technique.


Design-For-Test For Digital IC's and Embedded Core Systems

Author(s): Alfred Crouch
Publisher: Prentice Hall, USA, 1999
347 Pages
ISBN 978-0130848277
This book is made primarily for design engineers and managers, and for test and design-for-test engineers and managers. The purpose of this book is to introduce the basic concepts of test and design-for-test (DFT), and to then address the application of these concepts with an eye toward the trade-offs of the engineering budgets (silicon area, operating frequency target, power consumption, etc.), the business drivers, and the cost factors.


 Essentials of Electronic Testing for Digital, Memory, and Mixed-Signal VLSI Circuits

Author(s): Michael L. Bushnell and Vishwani D. Agrawal
Publisher: Springer, USA, 2000
712 Pages
ISBN 978-0792379911

This book provides a careful selection of essential topics on digital, memory, and mixed-signal circuits. The outcome of testing is product quality, which means "meeting the user's needs at a minimum cost". The book includes test economics and techniques for determining the defect level of VLSI chips. Besides being a textbook for a course on testing, it is a complete testability guide for an engineer working on any kind of electronic device or system or a system-on-a-chip.


Fundamentals of Digital Semiconductor Testing

Author(s): Guy A. Perry
Publisher: Soft Test Inc., USA, 2003
~330 Pages
ISBN 978-0965879705

A complete reference book which details the concepts and techniques used in testing digital semiconductors. DC, AC, Functional, and Structural tests are explained in detail. Various test methods are discussed and illustrated along with the advantage and disadvantage of each method.


Fundamentals of Mixed Signal Testing

Author(s):  Brian Lowe
Publisher: Soft Test Inc., USA, 2002
? Pages
ISBN 978-0965879729

The book explains the concepts and methodologies of testing mixed signal devices using ATE equipment. The instrumentation of a Mixed Signal Test System are introduced, with emphasis on the DSP (digital signal processing) capabilities. The mathematics necessary to fully understand signal sampling and waveform synthesis is clearly explained. Specifications for mixed signal devices are discussed and the method of verifying each individual parameter is explained in detail.


Production Testing of RF and System-On-A-Chip Devices for Wireless Communications

Author(s): Keith B. Schaub, Joe Kelly, Joseph Kelly (Autor)
Publisher: Artech House Inc., USA, 2004
272 Pages
ISBN 978-1580536929

The book provides an in-depth overview of cutting-edge RF and SOC (System on a Chip) product testing for wireless communications.


Test and Design-for-Testability in Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits

Author(s):   Jose L. Huertas
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers, USA, 2010
312 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4419-5422-0

The book covers test and design for test of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Especially in System-on-Chip (SoC), where different technologies are intertwined (analog, digital, sensors, RF); test is becoming a true bottleneck of present and future IC projects. Linking design and test in these heterogeneous systems will have a tremendous impact in terms of test time, cost and proficiency. Although it is recognized as a key issue for developing complex ICs, there is still a lack of structured references presenting the major topics in this area. The aim of this book is to present basic concepts and new ideas in a manner understandable for both professionals and students.


VLSI Test Principles and Architectures: Design for Testability

Author(s):   Laung-Terng Wang, Cheng-Wen Wu and Xiaoqing Wen
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann, USA, 2006
808 Pages
ISBN 978-0123705976

This book is covering the basic DFT theory and methodology on digital, memory, as well as analog and mixed-signal (AMS) testing.


DSP-Based Testing of Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits

Author(s): Matt Mahoney
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Computer Society , 1987
272 Pages
ISBN 978-0818607851

Answers the commonly asked questions about how digital signal processing-based machines work and what role DSP plays in the process. It shows you how DSP performs in real-test situations and uses mathematical concepts rather than derivations. The text addresses difficult test problems and their solutions resulting from the union of automatic test equipment (ATE) and DSP. The author establishes a philosophy of DSP-based testing describing how to think, how to approach a problem, how to create a solution, and how to determine if it really works properly.


Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook

Author(s): Hwaiyu Geng
Publisher: McGraw-Hill , 2005
800 Pages
ISBN 978-0071445597

This is a comprehensive reference to the semiconductor manufacturing process from raw material preparation to packaging and testing. Written by 60 international experts, and peer reviewed by a seasoned advisory board, this handbook covers the fundamentals of relevant technology and its real-life application and operational considerations for planning, implementing, and controlling manufacturing processes. It includes hundreds of detailed illustrations and a list of relevant books, technical papers, and websites for further research.


Digital Test


An Engineer's Guide to Automated Testing of High-Speed Interfaces

Author(s): Jose Moreira, Hubert Werkmann
Publisher: Artech House Publishers, 2010, 1st Edition
588 Pages
ISBN 978-1607839835

A complete introduction to the high-speed digital testing with automated test equipment (ATE). This practical resource is featuring clear examples and covers all critical aspects of the subject, from high-speed digital basics, ATE instrumentation for digital applications, and test and measurements, to production testing, support instrumentation and text fixture design. It also discusses advanced ATE topics, such as multiplexing of ATE pin channels and testing of high-speed bi-directional interfaces with fly-by approaches.


Boundary Scan Test


Boundary-Scan Test: A Practical Approach

Author(s): Harry Bleeker, Frans de Jong, Peter van den Eijnden
Publisher: Springer, 2009, 1st Edition
244 Pages
ISBN 978-0792392965

This book will act an introduction to as well as a practical guide to Boundary-Scan testing. The ever increasing miniaturization of digital electronic components is hampering the conventional testing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) by means of bed-of-nails fixtures.This book will aid a company to introduce the Boundary-Scan Test. IC design and test engineers alike will find the book an important introduction and guide to using the Boundary-Scan Test in their work. Engineering managers can also use this book to gain an insight to the impact that the Boundary-Scan Test will make on their organisation.


The Boundary-Scan Handbook

Author(s): Kenneth P Parker
Publisher: Springer, 3rd edition, 2003
408 Pages
ISBN 978-1402074967

The Boundary-Scan Handbook describes this standard in simple English and also contains a description of the 1149.4 "Analog Boundary-Scan" standard, and gives a tutorial on analog testing technology. It then introduces the recently released IEEE 1149.6 "Advanced I/O" standard, which extends Boundary-Scan to deal with AC-coupled differential signaling now becoming common in higher performance system. Finally, since a board test system provides a suitable environment for programming non-volatile Programmable Logic Devices, the IEEE 1532 standard is described which extends the 1149.1 access protocol into the device programming domain. This forms an essential tools for testing boards and systems of the future.


The Test Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture

Author(s):  Colin M. Maunder, Rodham E. Tulloss
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society, 1990
400 Pages
ISBN 978-0818690709

The book is composed of five parts: "Background", "Tutorial", "Applications to Loaded Board Testing", "Implementation Examples and further Applications" and "Bibliography and Reprints". This is probably the first comprehensive book describing the Boundary Scan Standard.


Electronic/Optical Test


Digital Communications Test and Measurement: High-Speed Physical Layer Characterization

Author(s): Dennis Derickson, Marcus Müller
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2007
976 Pages
ISBN 978-0132209106

Today's new data communication and computer interconnection systems run at unprecedented speeds, presenting new challenges not only in the design, but also in troubleshooting, test, and measurement. Readers will gain a thorough understanding of the inner workings of digital high-speed systems, and learn how the different aspects of such systems can be tested. The editors and contributors cover key areas in test and measurement of transmitters (digital waveform and jitter analysis and bit error ratio), receivers (sensitivity, jitter tolerance, and PLL/CDR characterization), and high-speed channel characterization (in time and frequency domain).


Troubleshooting Optical Fiber Networks: Understanding and Using Optical Time-Domain Reflectometers

Author(s): Duwayne R. Anderson, Larry M. Johnson and Florian G. Bell
Publisher: Academic Press, 2004
437 Pages
ISBN 978-0120586615

Comprehensive information about time-domain fiber-optic testing. Readers will gain an understanding of how to troubleshoot optical-fiber networks using an optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR), while learning the fundamental principles underlying the operation of these powerful testing instruments. From basic fiber optics and fiber testing, to detailed event-analysis techniques, this book covers the entire spectrum of time-domain optical cable test theory and applications.


A Signal Integrity Engineer's Companion: Real-Time Test and Measurement and Design Simulation

Author(s):Geoff Lawday, David Ireland,Greg Edlund
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2008
496 Pages
ISBN 978-0131860063
This is a comprehensive, and practical guide to modern Signal Integrity (SI) test and measurement for high-speed digital designs. Three experts guide you through systematically detecting, observing, analyzing, and rectifying both modern logic signal defects and embedded system malfunctions. The authors cover the entire life cycle of embedded system design from specification and simulation onward, illuminating key techniques and concepts with easy-to-understand illustrations.


Fiber Optic Test and Measurement

Author(s): Dennis Derickson
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 1997
672 Pages
ISBN 978-0135343302
This practical guide will help technicians, engineers, and scientists accurately measure and test fiber optic systems, without becoming experts in fiber optic theory. It will be equally useful for experienced fiber optic professionals and those new to the field.


Test System Design


Test System Design: A Systematic Approach

Author(s): Christine Tursky, Rodney Gordon , Scott Cowie
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2010, 1st Edition
336 Pages
ISBN 978-0137053933

This book covers how to design, develop, and implement custom test systems. It's goal is to make the process for engineers involved in designing and building custom test systems and to help them avoid common pitfalls.


Power Electronics


Electric Motor Drive Installation and Troubleshooting

Author(s): Glen A. Mazur
Publisher: Amer Technical Pub, 2008
473 Pages
ISBN 978-0826912527

This book presents information on electric motors and drives and includes drive theory and applications, as well as installtion, testing, and troubleshooting procedures. Topics covered include drive programming and extensive information on the selection of motor drives for specific applications. Review questions and expanded paper-and-pencil activities at the end of each chapter provide a solid assessment.


RF & Microwave


X-Parameters: Characterization, Modeling, and Design of Nonlinear RF and Microwave Components

Author(s): David E. Root, Jan Verspecht, Jason Horn, Mihai Marcu
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2013
233 Pages
ISBN 9780521193238

The book was written by Agilent scientists and engineers four of the original inventors and developers of this powerful new paradigm for nonlinear RF and microwave components and systems. The book lays the foundations for X-parameter technology and provides practical cases that give readers useful approximations. These approximations can be used to greatly reduce the complexity of measuring, modeling and designing for nonlinear regimes of operation. The book also teaches readers how to use X-parameters to overcome intricate problems in nonlinear RF and microwave engineering.



An Engineer's Guide to Automated Testing of High-Speed Interfaces

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