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Wireless Sniffer captures Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth, and 802.15.4 Traffic simultaneously

TLC Frontline X500e 218 April 2024 – Teledyne LeCroy launched the Frontline X500e wireless protocol analyzer with Wi-Fi 7. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Frontline X500, the X500e is a comprehensive one-box solution that seamlessly captures and correlates data from a wide range of communication technologies. Whether it’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 802.15.4-based technologies (including Matter, Thread, and Zigbee), or wired interfaces such as HCI-UART, USB, SPI, and Audio I2S, the X500e delivers precise insights for network professionals.

The Frontline X500e with Teledyne LeCroy’s Wireless Protocol Suite software proves indispensable for tasks related to developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining products that leverage diverse wireless technologies, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi across the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands.

In the relentless pursuit of faster wireless connections, lower latency, and mindful of power consumption, the tech industry is turning to Wi-Fi 7 technology, based on the IEEE 802.11be standard for intensive and immersive applications, such as Industrial and medical IoT, 8K video stream, online gaming, and AR/VR. The Frontline X500e with its ability to handle 320MHz channel width and 4096 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) empowers design and test engineers, and IT specialists to optimize performance and troubleshoot issues, in the rapidly evolving landscape of wireless communication. Only the Frontline X500e equips design and test engineers with the means to:

  • Ensure seamless interoperability of products that integrate Wi-Fi 7 technology.
  • Measure the impact of Wi-Fi 7 on overall system performance, latency, and throughput.
  • Reveal how Wi-Fi 7 implementations coexists with other wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth, fostering harmonious communication.


The Frontline X500e Wireless Protocol Analyzer is available to order.

For existing Frontline X500 customers that are interested in the enhanced X500e with Wi-Fi 7, please contact us for information about upgrading your X500 systems.

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