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Product Focus: Power Analyzer

In this product focus we have compiled comprehensive information about power analysers. You will find an overview of the recent news about these products published on All-about-Test, a market overview with products, suppliers and service providers, whitepaper und weblinks. The information will be continuously updated.


What is a "Power Analyzer"?

A power analyzer can measure simultaneously DC/AC voltage and current on one or more channels (phases) and is able to calculate active, reactive and apparent power, as well as other parameters such as power factor, phase angle, and frequency. In addition a power analyzer supports a harmonic analysis.

The measurement range of such instruments usually starts at some Milliwatt (e.g. to measure the standby power) and reaches some Kilowatt. With current and voltage transducers the measurement range can be extended up to the Megawatt range.

Such measurements are performed for example on inverters, electric motors, transformers, photovoltaic systems and electric generators to measure the efficiency or the power loss.


Power Analyser


This overview does not cover instruments like: network analyzers, simple instruments to measure just electric power, simple power meters, energy meters, network quality analyzers, power disturbance analyzers, power monitors.
Such instruments cover only some of the functions of a power analyzer or are used for different tasks.

Furthermore there are also power meters for RF frequencies or optical signals, which are also not in the scope of the overview.




All information on this website has been compiled with great care and is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Please understand that we can not guarantee the correctness, completeness and topicality of the contents.

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