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Open Clamp Meter for CAT IV Measurements

Conrad Stromzange10 November 2020 - Conrad now stocks the BENNING CM 1-4 open clamp meter featuring an LC display and an LED level indicator. Designed for industry and trade, the product is the perfect blend of a TRUE RMS ammeter and a voltage tester. The open design facilitates contact with live, neutral or PG wires of power cables. Slots on the back of the test probes enable quick direct voltage readings of PG power outlets using only one hand.

Non-linear loads, produced by variable speed electric motors, frequency inverters and PSUs of office equipment and LED lighting, generate reactive mains power. This can lead to inaccurate readings when applying the root-mean-square (RMS) method used by many multimeters and voltage testers. However, plenty of tasks across industry and trade involve modified sine waves, hence require reading the actual effective value of AC current. This is why BENNING CM 1-4 clamp meters utilise the advanced TRUE RMS method to ensure reading accuracy regardless of the actual waveform of the current.

“The Benning CM 1-4 is a compact multifunction open clamp meter suitable for all CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V measurement tasks,” explains Tobias Enck from BENNING. “It also comes with most of the features you would expect from a two-pole voltage tester.” The tool enables current and voltage measurements up to 200 A AC and 1000 V AC/DC, respectively. The LC display has seven LEDs to visualise voltage levels. The acoustic signal can be turned off manually. Voltage readings greater than 50 V do not require additional battery power. Moreover, the meter also enables single-pole phase and continuity testing, and it detects rotating 3-phase magnetic fields.

“BENNING stands for innovative high-quality products,” says Susanne Storch, Product Manager at Conrad Electronic. “We are pleased to add the BENNING CM 1-4 clamp meter to our catalogue of supplies. This means that yet another top-notch, time-saving voltage testing option is now available for users across industry and trade.”

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