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Versatile and Energy-Saving Test Chambers

ESPEC Platinous821 August 2023 - ESPEC launched the versatile Platinous Test Chambers series designed to cater to different environmental testing needs with ease. These chambers offer a wide range of options, sizes, and features, ensuring they perfectly align with specific requirements. With ESPEC’s Platinous series, users get the freedom to customise their chamber according to individual preferences. From temperature and humidity ranges to door types, test space, refrigeration systems, and instrumentation, there are plenty of choices. Users can even choose the preferred language for better convenience. The Platinous series also provides safety options for testing lithium-ion batteries to EUCAR 6 standards.

Operating these chambers is a breeze with the user-friendly LCD touch panel on the controller. Users can register up to 3 constant test profiles and 8 program test profiles, each with up to 99 steps per program. Plus, there is the option to monitor and control the cabinet remotely from a PC or laptop.

ESPEC has always been dedicated to providing precise temperature and humidity control, and the Platinous series takes it a step further by focusing on energy savings. The new PID control of refrigeration enables smart and efficient control of heating and cooling, resulting in energy conservation. Thanks to the advanced N-instrumentation, this control applies to both the main and sub refrigeration circuits.

A PID controller, short for Proportional Integral Derivative controller, is a type of feedback control which works by continuously comparing the setpoint with the current state of the system (often measured by sensors). The error, which is the difference between the setpoint and the current state, is used by the controller to dynamically adjust and counteract detected changes in the system, thereby ensuring the process variable stays as closely aligned with the setpoint as possible.

For even more energy savings, the PHP Platinous chamber is equipped with a unique built-in pipe cooling system. This system operates silently without requiring electrical power or additional refrigeration, significantly reducing energy consumption during high-heat tests.

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