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Enhanced Battery Simulator Application

Tek Kickstart05 September 2023 -- Tektronix announced the launch of KickStart Software version 2.11.0, including enhancements to the Battery Simulator Application. With the ability to support the 2400 Graphical Touchscreen Series Source Measure Units (SMUs) and the 2600B Series SMUs, the Keithley KickStart Battery Simulator App provides users the ability to easily generate battery models, simulate batteries, and perform battery cycle tests for consumer wireless IoT devices, automotive, and industrial applications. The list of enhancements to this specialty app gives users robust functionality as part of a “one-box,” no code solution.

The enhanced app, which supports various Keithley SMUs, also negates the need for using a 2380 electronic load to create a battery model and a 2281S battery simulator — saving the time, effort and cost that would be required to write a SMU custom script.

“The one-box, no code aspects of this iteration of the Keithley KickStart Software Battery Simulator Application makes it possible for our customers to effortlessly generate battery models, simulate and cycle test batteries from the convenience of a PC-based software,” shares Frank Mammana, Keithley Product Manager. “This state-of-the-art application yields real-time table and graph views that have been created for instant data visualization and collection, showcasing dynamic and static battery models of battery VOC, Vt, SOC, ESR, current, and capacity. These features will save our customers precious time and manual effort while enabling additional accuracy and visualization.”

Along with features included in past iterations, such as battery simulation and discharge model generation, the KickStart Battery Simulator App boasts the capacity for a maximum of eight total instruments that can be controlled simultaneously, enabling battery testing through multiple charge and discharge cycles with access to a myriad of test cutoff conditions. This groundbreaking iteration of the Keithley KickStart Software Battery Simulator App not only provides the ability to generate, edit and simulate custom battery models, it includes a responsive user interface, allowing changes to the simulated state of charge in real time. Using the app, customers can browse multiple battery models, and import and export models to and from KickStart software.

The Keithley KickStart Software Battery Simulator App is now available globally for IoT devices, automotive and industrial markets. Pricing ranges based on licensing preferences.

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