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Viscom_X7056AOI with AXI On Demand

24 November 2010 - The X7056 inspection system of Viscom combines automatic optical inspection with in-line X-ray inspection in one single system. Apart from reliably detecting concealed defects, the system's X-ray unit can also be used for selective verification (AXI-OnDemand). This provides a major advantage for inspection tasks that require an AOI with high throughput. The benefits include effectively reducing false alarms and enhancing defect detection capabilities.

The X7056 inspection system from Viscom impresses with its ability to perform optical inspection and X-ray inspection simultaneously in a single system. This allows users to detect visible and hidden assembly defects without needing to transport assemblies into a second inspection system. Both inspection procedures can be very quickly and easily performed using the same user interface.

The system ensures maximum flexibility in meeting inspection requirements. For example, the system's X-ray unit can be used to selectively verify individual defects during inspection tasks that primarily require an AOI with high throughput. This ensures compliance of very tight AOI tolerances. At the same time, it also reliably prevents human error, providing a tremendous advantage wherever maximum inspections depths are a must.

AXI-OnDemand provides manufacturers with a very effective quality control. For example, they can use X-ray inspection wherever it seems appropriate, e.g. for non-wettable stamped edges with QFPs. This type of defect can occur with new batches in particular. Here, the additional images provided by the AXI help to reliably assess quality. The AXI can also be used for QFN components. In this case, the high-resolution images improve the user's ability to reliably evaluate the components.

The X7056 combo inspection can also be employed for balancing. If, for example, there is still unused cycle time in the system's X-ray section, solder joint inspection controls can be transferred to the system's X-ray section to make best use of the system's capabilities.

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