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RF Test Enclosures provide highly-isolated Bench-top Environments

Saelig RF Enclosure28 March 2024 - Saelig Company, Inc. announced improvements to Ramsey RF Test Enclosures. These forensic, benchtop, and rack-mount EMI-quiet enclosures now have new additional standard features added to most models: an inside liner of 3/4-inch RF-absorbent foam, and dual 60mm or 120mm honeycomb vents, which is important to prevent overheating of the test space. There are now 12 standard-configuration STE3000-series forensic models to make it easier and quicker to purchase combinations of filtered Ethernet and USB2/USB3/USBC ports.

Ethernet is required for forensic operators who will be using Graykey, the passcode breaking solution for Apple devices. In addition to the many standard configurations, Ramsey Faraday boxes can be built-to-order to meet customer-specific requirements. Ramsey enclosures can be customized with filtered AC power connections and filtered signal I/O pass-throughs for any of the common connector types.

Ramsey boxes are used for emissions or pre-compliance compliance testing, for forensics examination of electronic devices, and for training and R&D in education. Law enforcement, defense, and security applications also require signal-free environments. Ramsey forensic boxes, with their characteristic viewing window and portholes with RF-shielded gloves for manipulation of the device under test, can be found in police and crime labs worldwide. These patented forensic RF-free housings provide investigators with an audio/video time-stamped recorded device examination, to give technicians a highly isolated bench-top environment for performing evidentiary forensic investigations of electronic devices.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the related electromagnetic interference (EMI) are obstacles that must be overcome before nearly any electronics product can be brought to market. Products must not interfere with one another (radiated or conducted emissions), and they must be designed to be immune to external impinging energy sources. Agencies around the world impose EMC standards, which place limits on the level of emissions allowed, requiring full compliance testing of products at certified EMC test houses. To avoid test failure scenarios, design teams are developing their own in-house labs with benchtop EMI-quiet environments for conducting EMI troubleshooting and pre-compliance testing.

Manufactured in the USA by Ramsey Electronics, a provider of rigid EMI-RFI shielded benchtop enclosures for testing and forensic applications, Ramsey Boxes are available now from their authorized North American distributor Saelig Company, Inc. in Fairport, NY.

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