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Smarter and Faster JTAG Test Development

XJTAG v3812 November 2018 – XJTAG, a supplier of JTAG boundary-scan hardware and software solutions, announces significant updates with XJTAG v3.8. Waveform Viewer is now available in XJDeveloper, the layout viewer is entirely replaced, and test coverage analysis algorithms have been improved.

This latest version offers smarter debugging, a smoother programming experience, and better test coverage analysis. There is more control over how data is viewed, as details behind logic block operation and recorded pin data are more easily visible.

The key enhancements in XJTAG v3.8 are:

1. Visually targeted debugging with Waveform Viewer

While Waveform Viewer has previously given insight into circuit behaviour in XJAnalyser, it is now available with XJDeveloper, for an improved debugging experience.

Pin values which are read or driven in XJEase can be displayed in XJTAG’s Waveform Viewer. This offers a new way to visualise what the test system is doing and how it is picking up any errors that it finds. The detailed waveform of key pin values displayed in Waveform Viewer not only helps debug development code, but can be compared with datasheet timing diagrams. As a result, it is easy to diagnose defects and pinpoint where errors are coming from.

2. Smoother Layout Viewer experience

The Layout Viewer now has faster load times – project files can be opened quicker and navigation is smoother. Visual resolution is sharper, which helps engineers target potential faults quickly.

An added bonus is file size efficiency. The size of the XJPack files (which contain Layout Viewer information) has been reduced, and there is still the ability to open older, larger XJPack files.

3. Better understanding of test coverage

Test coverage can be better understood, as it is tracked back to its source more accurately. XJDeveloper now shows the direct impact of enabling or disabling one or more tests.

The current test coverage of a particular project can be compared with its potential test coverage. Therefore, it is possible to find out where coverage may need to be extended, which is critical information for achieving the best test coverage.

A new feature is XJTAG’s ability to assess defect coverage using the PCOLA/SOQ industry-standard approach to reporting.

With XJTAG v3.8, not only programmers, but hardware engineers can easily visualise circuit behaviour using Waveform Viewer. They can save time by pin-pointing faults with extra detail, intuitively navigating across Layout Viewer and assessing test coverage accurately. XJTAG v3.8 now gives a smarter and faster test development experience where there is more control over the handling and presentation of test data.

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