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JTAG Integration for Seica Flying Prober

Göpel PicoTAP ATE23 November 2023 - The successful partnership between GÖPEL electronic and Seica in the world of embedded JTAG solutions is growing: GÖPEL introduced the integration of the new PicoTAP ATE into the test systems from the Italian manufacturer Seica. The PicoTAP ATE controller provides a low-cost alternative for applications from basic boundary-scan test to processor-assisted test (VarioTAP) and FPGA-assisted test (ChipVORX). The compact and lightweight package enables simple installation right on a flying probe head of a Seica Pilot tester. The Flying Prober features the so-called FlyPOD, a compact probe block which can contact multiple test pads on the printed-circuit board assembly (PCBA) with a single probe movement.

The proven Communication Link Software (CLS) continues to act as a communication interface between the VIVA software and the SYSTEM CASCONTM software. This allows the test sequences created in the SYSTEM CASCONTM system software to be embedded directly as functional test steps in the VIVA test plan.

Integration via the FlyPOD ensures short cable lengths from the test system to the unit under test (UUT) and thus provides excellent signal quality, resulting in minimisation of false rejects. A major advantage of this system integration is that the user can control the entire test procedure via a single test plan in the VIVA software. This means that the SYSTEM CASCONTM system software works in the background on the test station, while the fault reports are seamlessly integrated into the VIVA sequence.

The integration package with PicoTAP ATE offers users a practical and economical way to expand their test procedures. This controller contributes significantly to increasing the test efficiency of the Seica Flying Prober by adding test technologies to increase the overall test coverage.

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