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PCI Express 5.0 based Solid State Drive Validation Test Solution

TLC OGT DL100 G510 July 2023 – Teledyne LeCroy announced availability of the OakGate PCI Express (PCIe) 5.0 based solid-state drive (SSD) R300-G5 PRO Test Appliance, the DE200-G5 PRO Test Appliance, and the E-Series 16-Bay Expansion Enclosures. These robust SSD test solutions allow customers to ensure their data center storage is operating at the expected level of performance.

Among other things, Enterprise grade SSD’s are expected to operate at higher data transfer speeds (IOPS) when compared with Consumer grade SSD’s. They consume more power, need to interoperate seamlessly in high-capacity systems with many other devices and need to be able to operate 24 hours per day for longer lifetimes. Enterprise system and storage engineers need to validate SSD product performance, compliance, and functionality to ensure overall data center performance will meet expectations. To do so, having a comprehensive test system is critical.

The OakGate R300-G5 PRO and DE200-G5 PRO Appliances and 16-Bay Expansion Enclosures are ideal for medium to large test teams who need maximum test performance and scalability.

  • The R300-G5-PRO and DE200-G5-PRO appliances can be integrated with optional OakGate 8-bay plug-in modules.
  • These PRO appliances can be scaled up even more with optional 16-Bay expansion enclosures.
  • The modules and enclosures support the U.2, M.2, U.3, EDSFF E1.S/L or EDSFF E3.S/L form-factors.

These systems are powered by the OakGate SVF/Enduro validation test software, which has been purposefully built from decades of storage industry experience, making these solutions into the industry’s most sophisticated, high-performance, and feature-rich test systems. The current, fifth generation of SVF/Enduro has been hardened for over a decade in intense test environments at major disk drive and SSD development sites worldwide.

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